GM'FvsCavaliers Short info

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  1. GM'FvsCavaliers Short info

    Hey guy's for those who are curious about the results of today's match:

    we lost ;)

    further information coming the next days.
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    currently looking for the stv demos, but their website is czech or whatever :D
    asked Rev to do it, he said he looks at it.
  3. Re: GM'FvsCavaliers Short info

    i asked him to that too,
    they are not yet available, he will notice me if they are.
  4. Reverend lame

    Re: GM'FvsCavaliers Short info

    demos coming soon
    btw find for F squad very good medic, i not mean good just he heal on publick skillers and have good points, but good medic who play good as medic..... thats msg from cavaliers ;)
  5. Bun

    Re: GM'FvsCavaliers Short info

    I know an awesome medic on UKCS, don't know if he wants an clan tough.
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    I'm not sure if i understood that right:
    They told you, we should look for a better medic?
  7. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: GM'FvsCavaliers Short info

    Here we go again.....
  8. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: GM'FvsCavaliers Short info

    Yup that's what they told him.
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    dude if you played a pug, they would all SHOUT at you :?
    Myke can sing you a song about it, they'd have killed him if i didnt take over :lol:

    but yes, it was also a fault of the team sometimes. Basically the Medic needs *ALWAYS* someone to heal.
    The quick decision making was great, as the 2nd point got capped you followed me and we pwned the scout and then even took the middle :D
    i think you just need a bit more training and time. Do it like me: Watch the demos of the matches (e.g. Panda vs Xlo) and look what THEIR Medics do, i always learn a lot.
  10. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: GM'FvsCavaliers Short info

    Hence why i don't play PUGs
  11. Re: GM'FvsCavaliers Short info

    Everyone should watch demos for his class.

    BTW: yeah, they would have killed me, BUT i played medic for 1,9h till now. And i think 1,3h of it on PUGs. I hate being medic. I did well as Scout, even if not perfect for sure.
  12. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: GM'FvsCavaliers Short info

    UKCS this UKCS that.

    How about you play on the GM servers :P
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    Bun, play as much as you like on UKCS server, so that at least one member of F knows: well, granary and badlands really.
  14. Reverend lame

    Re: GM'FvsCavaliers Short info

    no, but medic is most important in match ;)
  15. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: GM'FvsCavaliers Short info

    I Know well and badlands :O

    We have them on our new server rotation anyway.
  16. Reverend lame

    Re: GM'FvsCavaliers Short info

    demos coming around one hour ;)
  17. Re: GM'FvsCavaliers Short info

    I Know well and badlands :O
    We have them on our new server rotation anyway.[/quote:13n0nqh1]
    there is just a difference between knowing a map, and knowing a map really.

    good news
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    Hi Guys,

    Just a few personnal observations:-

    1 I noticed that the Cavaliers stuck together and looked after the medic who was in the middle of the bunch, keeping an eye on everyone. When I approached the team as a heavy I was constantly confronted by at least 2 Soldiers and a demo all firing at me.. I didn't last long!!!

    2 Someone mentioned (sorry can't remember who) that when the main bulk of their fighting force cleared a point then two scouts who would be sitting at the back of the bunch would then step up and take the point quickly.

    3 Their medic was extremely good, as I targetted enemy players with the minigun the medic switched from one player to the next very quickly, so I always ended up aiming at a ubered enemy..I didn't last long!!!

    4 We started to get frustrated with each other, as you would expect from being completely dominated which affected our play.

    5 Half of the team had never played this map before and were downloading it just before the game started.

    6 To summerise how well we did against the Cavaliers I would have to use the word's "arse" and "suck" in the sentence :)

    The positives...

    7 Yes, some of the maps were new to us, however I think if we could set up internal clan matches, and even include the community gm members if numbers are short, we can only improve. Need to keep to the 6v6 limit for realism.

    8 Yes, we were getting frustrated halfway through the game, but the team stayed together for at least an hour after the match - just to chill down and post mortum our performance, and have a little play on their server together :) . I think it is a real credit to the GM spirit that we can do this.

    9 I think we need another scout as good as bun. We could set up a competition with GM/gm members - maybe an all scout touny top score wins :) or just recruit using hlstats? We have a good community, so this isnt going to be a problem.

    10 Even though we lost I still enjoyed this clan match immensely, it was good to play with online buddies and try and acheive a win. I highly reccomend people think about recruitment to internal GM match squads.

    11 I thought I was a decent heavy, oh how I was wrong! As I said after the match, one good way to improve your skill is to play better people then yourself, just like chess. Eveyone then commented that they sucked at that as well :lol:

    Well done everyone that took part

    Disco :D
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    Thanks to Reverend for getting the demo ;)
    It seems that the Granary one is damaged, but he gave me the link to the Gravelpit demo. I uploaded it to our server (just in case they delete it or whatever), there you go:
    Login/Pass: GM/GM

    in case you want my demo of Granary, i'll up it too (Scout/Soldier/Sniper).

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