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  1. Goodbye.

    Goodbye everyone. I am leaving GM.
    I've had a great time with you guys, not just the pubs, but the highlanders etc.
    GM introduced me to the competitive side of TF2 as well, after F asked me to join their team. There were/are a lot of nice people in GM, fun-loving guys who all share the fact that they enjoy playing a game with their e-friends. GM hasn't always ran smoothly, but overall the leadership has been solid and reliable.
    Core was a great leader, Darki has always been helpful and without his programming skills GM wouldn't even exist. Don't ever forget he's giving you a free server. Disco is the main reason why our servers are loved by so many, and he's also the community's voice towards the leadership of the clan. Piss, always nice to everyone, is the connection between the competitive side and pub-side of GM. And then there's Th, my leaving now prevents me from enjoying your leadership skills, but I'm confident they are there.
    I hope GM finds out what it wants to be, a community, a clan, or a mix of both. I hope you keep up the newly founded tradition of weekly highlanders. It is perhaps an unfortunate time to leave, now that Th has been appointed leader.
    I don't doubt you'll do great Th, but I'm leaving because of Alpha and Spykodemon.
    I'm not going to bother to be polite as they haven't done so either. Alpha is by far the worst leader I have ever had the displeasure of coming into contact with. I don't know what drove Core into appointing him as leader, probably because he was one of the original members of GL, who then formed GM. Whatever the reason, a person with a level of immaturity equal to that of any random toddler should never be appointed to 'lead' anything but his own life. I won't go into any more details on what happened in here. If you want to know I'll be happy to tell you, but the 'general public' should be able to form their own opinions on the people they meet, unaffected by the biased opinions of others.

    I'd like to thank nearly all of you for the great time I've had, and wish you nothing but the best of luck. I also hope that I can leave GM without any hostility from anyone but the people who I have offended by this post. I shall also try to finish my soldier guide sometime soon, and post it as some sort of a parting gift.
    If access to this part of the forum would be restricted immediately after my post, you can reach me through steam or PMs in the forum.

    Goodbye and farewell!
  2. Re: Goodbye.

    Seems like you're leaving angry in haste to me, after the bit of conversation I overheard/read in the GR server earlier. Don't leave just because you don't get along with some people. I hope you change your mind, and stay in GM and the F team. :/
  3. Re: Goodbye.

    PLease don't make any rash decisions Ana. I really wouldn't like to see you go. You are definitely one of best players we have, a good team player, and a nice chap to talk to aswell (ish) :).

    I would urgue you to reconsider, I am sure we can work out any issues.

    Anyway don't leave tonight, why don't you sleep on it, then have a chat with Piss and Th tomorrow. If you want to chat to me as well then that's cool

  4. Re: Goodbye.

    I am staying in the F team, but not in GM. My decision may seem like a ragequit to you, and I understand why, but it is not the case.
    Certain things had been annoying me for quite some time, and this total lack of respect, this misplaced elitism which was just downright pathetic has me appaled towards the core leadership of this clan to such an extent that it caused me to put an end to my membership of GM.
    I will have a chat with whomever wants to have a chat with me. I will talk to you about the details tomorrow disco, perhaps you will be able to understand my decision better.
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    Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait let me get this straight, people were insulting bun and I didn't do anything about it so you were defending him on mic. After disco left the server died out, what exactly happened with you and spyko ? He left without saying why, and now your leaving because of me ? Changes will be made, with or without me, if you want to give me the last chance I'll be more then happy to accept that but what I don't get is you don't tell me you have a problem with me and what that problem is. I know Bun/Haptic, eoN, KJ and more pissed me off for their own enjoyment, and Bun and eoN got punished for that by all the leaders.

    If you want to see how the new changes will work out, stay - if not I'm not forcing you to stay.
  6. Re: Goodbye.

    What. The. Hell. Ana can you PM me with the details please?

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