Half Life 2?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by DjShrew, 21 Dec 2008.

  1. Half Life 2?

    does anyone here still play half life 2?

    If so is there any possiblility of starting a GM HL2DM clan? (Half Life 2 Death Match.)


    Shrew (Drew ;) )
  2. Re: Half Life 2?

    I haven't hl2, but i played it :3
    I bought hl2:dm, hl2:ep1, hl:sdm at July 30, 2006.
  3. Re: Half Life 2?

    Easily, there is less sence buy singleplayer games then multiplayer. If you dislike that i havent hl2, buy me it then [​IMG] |??R??O??F??L??|
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  4. Re: Half Life 2?

    Gmod was the biggest waste of five pound i ever spent, bought it and played it once and swore never to play again.

    Completed HL2, not played episode 1 or 2 fully. (Yet.)

    But i love HL2DM. i think i am quite good at it, if anyone else fancies a game.

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  5. Re: Half Life 2?

    Tom if you would like the single player i have a spare copy i could send you. Just noticed in my steam it says 1 extra copy.
    if you let me know your steam name i would be happy to let you have it.
  6. Re: Half Life 2?

    Whatever, i dominate you in tf2.
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  7. Re: Half Life 2?

    lol, don't get serious tom and spyko :)

    oh HL2DM I played it a couple of times, but I love the singleplayer
  8. Re: Half Life 2?

    Same here, as you can see i never was in any clan and so on.
  9. Re: Half Life 2?

    i used to be one of the top 5 ranking aussie players and in the top 10 in the world breifly. jsut got back in to it again recently and still pwning.

    anyone want any training or just a game or 1v1 etc then add me on steam


    i love hl2dm here a link to my low quality hl2dm frag video

    http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=QC37WxB3s ... annel_page
  10. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: Half Life 2?

    I used to play a lot of Half Life 2 Death Match games

    Especially the "kill box" map is a lot of fun :D
  11. Re: Half Life 2?

    I will give you a game soon, would love to have a go after seeing ur vids.

    Would you join the GM HL2DM if we had one?

    If people would join would you put +1.



    +1 :P
  12. Re: Half Life 2?

    i wouldn't be interested as i just joined a clan over this side of the globe.

    cheers for adding me on steam ill be happy to have a game with you or even just train you through some one hte more advanced techniques of the game such as:

    strafe jumping
    bunny hopping
    rabbit punching
    grav jumping
    bump jumping
    advanced map knowledge (where u can get objects through walls, sound sequences for pinpointing a player in the map etc)

    anyone that wants to learn to strafe jump/bunny hop i strongly advise you download the hl2dm pro mod from here


    the best strafe jump training map is ptrain made by a friend of mine

    add it to you dm folder and let me know what level you can make it up too.

    link is: http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/17588
  13. Re: Half Life 2?

    terri that first link is broken man.. downloads a 0 kb file with nothing in it ;)
  14. Re: Half Life 2?

    Hl2dmpro, btw my fav. gamemode is "Team Deatchmatch" with all weapons :3
  15. Re: Half Life 2?

    If, and only if, it will NOT affect ANY other servers. Lock it and have it not bigger then 10 slots.

    If you want it up, yes, you will put it up.
    I got no time nor patient in putting it up myself right now, Spyko if your not sure how to do it just wait until new year or so.
  16. Re: Half Life 2?

  17. Re: Half Life 2?

    Lol so does this mean we might get one? if someone can be bothered? :P
  18. Re: Half Life 2?

    And if someone will play...
  19. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: Half Life 2?

    I'll play on it.
    Just let me know when its running and then I will install the game again.
  20. Re: Half Life 2?

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