Have your say about our Values and Goals

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    Have your say about our Values and Goals

    These values are the new direction the leadership has decided on unanimously (except for the wording of the last value). Before we integrate these into our structure publicly, you have a chance to have your say about them. Speak up.
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    Re: Have your say about our Values and Goals

    Note: The "Leadership" statement would appear in the Clan core values only, and would be omitted from the Public Community and Private Community core values.

    Recommended rewording:
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    I feel that the latest post about the three different groups is a step in the right direction. I've had enough of people moaning and whining about who gets voted in -- that's what you do in a democracy: vote. Each person has their own view on what makes a person "good", be that skill or personality or whatever.

    Saying that, I would like to know a little more on what differentiates between the different groups and what kinds of access people will have to the forums etc. and what changes will happen there.

    In terms of the goals:I think they are a good starting point for every member to adhere to, although I do think that some members need a little more help in the social aspect; as well as the skill department.

    That said, I'm happy that these new values are being discussed: now we can have our say guys -- let's do it! :)

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    Re: Have your say about our Values and Goals

    Sounds good, I think this will work.

    People, you don't have to be very comprehensive when posting your opinion. If nothing else, say

    When these values are on the home page, everything we do can be related to these. If there is a detail you'd like to mention, this is the time.

    In fact I'd like to add something. We should have more emphasis on personal improvement than we have at the moment. Sure frequent public sessions are the basic TF2-fix for many, but every now and then one should reflect one's game and work on weak areas.
    Nomad, what say you?
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    Re: Have your say about our Values and Goals

    I don't think that it is necessary to add that to our values; I think it is partially covered by the goals:
    I'd like to reword the goals statement a bit to better incorporate your ideas:
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    Re: Have your say about our Values and Goals

    I like it, thx Nomad

    ...though I'd like to make a small change:
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    Integrity means consistency between each individual, which is a hard thing to achive in a inhomogeneous structure like a clan. But definitely worth a try.

    Measure everyone to the same standards, but don't treat them equally? Don't treat a murder equally to your friend, but apply the same standard to them. Basically: Totally Agree.

    + You are especially friendly to Myke., even if you are asking yourself: Who the fuck is he, and why does he have access to this forum. Never seen this guy b4... ;) <seriously> Agree </seriously>

    Jep. Participating in discussions is the key, moaning in the back isn't.

    Hmmm... Not sure if it is necessary that everyone knows how to command a team, but for sure everyone has to know how to play for a team, and not just with a team. Therefore everyone should know how the system works otherwise he won't ever be good at the executive role.

    Glad to see you as leader of this clan Th, just sad that you haven't been leader back in the times i was in this clan.
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    Much love myke, how have you been lately?
  9. Re: Have your say about our Values and Goals

    myke pls contact me asap. need to talk to you.
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    Re: Have your say about our Values and Goals

    Sorry, Myke, but I think your definition of 'integrity' is skewed. It is an individual trait and is a measure of the soundness or wholeness of one's moral character. If we have integrity, we adhere to our principles in thought, word and deed. I admit that it is a high ideal, and one that only one man on Earth has ever achieved perfectly, but I believe it is worth striving for.

    You missed the point on that one... The 'Leadership' value is for the Clan group only, which will have higher standards than the clan has at present. The 'Leadership' value will not apply to the Private Community or the Public Community, and basically, what we now call the 'GM Clan' is what we will soon call the 'GM Private Community'. Please see this post for more information on this.
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    Hey Ana, i don't wonna spam this doubtless important topic, so i'll make it short [at least i'll try to]:
    Initially i wanted to congrat GM'F ähm Vicinity of Infinity ähm Voices of Independence for "writing" green numbers in the league again, and i find it cool that the team hasn't changed at all since i've left. *thumbsup*. But i recognized that the forum is inactive since a month, and i was to lazy to register myself to the new voi site, so i decided to post some thoughts here ;)

    Private: My relationship is better then ever before, and work is alright. I'm getting paid way to less money, but the tasks are cool, so i'll stick with the company for about a year i think, teaching myself some other stuff during freetime, in order to be able to find myself an equally funny job with about twice the income later on. Unfortunatelly i don't have time for gaming at all anymore, as you've probably recognised already ;) And i'm still playing with the idea of starting some kind of martial-art just to get known to my limits and for spiritual balance ;) certainly not for real fighting. Those are the highlights i think ;) how about you?

    @ Nomad: Sorry for my incorrect, and certainly not well-conceived thoughts about that. I should leave those things to others with greater understanding in leadership and the english language.
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    Re: Have your say about our Values and Goals

    Damn Myke its good to hear from you. Sadness it was that gripped me reading the friends list "Last Online: 27 days ago" but hey I'm so happy that you have successfully moved on with your life and things are well in your hands. Good to hear you enjoy your job even if the pay is not on desired level, and GL in getting a new one when the time comes, and definitely good to hear your relationships are doing even better than before... are you planning on proposing any time soon ; ) ?
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    Glad 2 hear from you too =) Hmmm... good question. Since you have to ask for that more than a year before it actually happens, it might happen to be in this year =) Gotta go to bed now. I'll start another thread to talk to my GM friends soon, so that i don't fill this topic with unrelated posts ;) Hope we can talk about each others lifes there in greater detail =) cya soon mate
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    Zomg it are Myke! Great to hear from you man and glad everything is going well for you :) Btw, voi are also top of our Wireplay division :) Played 5, won 5 :D

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