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  1. Hello!

    Hey I thought i'd pop in and say hi as i play more and more on your servers recently.

    Happy killing! :)
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    rofl welcome
  3. Geit Coding wizard!

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    Hi Buddy,

    Welcome to GM Servers
  5. Reverend lame

    Re: Hello!

    hi :lol:
  6. Bun

    Re: Hello!

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    welcome to teh dark side :D
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    a great zen master said:

    there is a big and deep sea.
    and you are the person swimming in it.
    then you are in the middle of the sea but you cant find a toilett.
    so you have to urinate into the water.

    thank you for wasting your time for reading this!
  9. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Hello!

    I thought the admins were the dark side :?:
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    not "were"...ARE!! ;)
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    nah Core's gotten this wrong.

    see, playing on GM servers is the dark side, and being admin there is the PITCH BLACK SIDE :D
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    Hey rofl, good to see you on the servers today, welcome ;)
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    we have cookies! ^^
  14. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: Hello!

    Hey rofl, seen you dealing some damage with Sascha out in the field :D

    Welcome, see you on the servers mate.
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    Hey all thanks for the warm welcome.
    What makes me wonder though is that u dont have map rotation server, do you?
    Would fancy playin with you lot on gravelpit, well or granary. Fastlane is quite nice map as well.

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    ye we only have a fastlane server
    but map rotation should be in i too :(
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    rofl rofl! Welcome! SASHA! :mrgreen:

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