HELP!!! Fanless Heatsinks

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  1. HELP!!! Fanless Heatsinks

    I have a problem while building the new setup last night on boot the system tells me that not CPU fan is detected and as a result wont boot. I got round this by setting the bios to ignore all errors as the CPU only runs at 35C. However I don't think it is a good idea to keep it ignoring all errors.

    Does anyone know a way i can tell the system its using a fanless heatsink and there for no CPU fan should be plugged in.
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    uhmm. what fanless heatsink u using?

    I've done similar like u b4 but I just forgot to put the fan plug in. xD it wont boot without one.

    try and plug in from an old fan plug if u got one. just to see if it will boot then u know it the fan plug that requires.

    but there should be a way to disable it, it the same as those who use liquid cool.
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    i have got it to boot by telling it to ignore all errors in bios, the cpu can slot has 4 pins and case fans have 3 so thats out of the question.

    the heatsink i am using is
  4. Re: HELP!!! Fanless Heatsinks

    nice heatsink. ^^

    plug it in where the two | |, it should fit still.

    so u in windows already on the new setup??
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    yeah im in windows already after i disabled the halt on errors it installed fine. I just dont want to keep that setting on permanently. In the process of putting all the software back on xp though next month ill have to do all this again when my copy of windows 7 arrives on the day of release.
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    u might have to keep it(the settings) like that unless u add a fan to the heatsink.

    I'll do some research later on. also I want to find out how the liquid cool system works too :) planning to get it on my next setup.

    Window 7 FTW. I already got my copy from MSDN last month. but im too lazy(busy 2 ^_^) atm to transfer files and all the settings on vista. I tried it on a spare HDD the other day, had no problems at all. expect the compatibility issues, where i must/suppose set it to the right window version b4 installing the program(only if it doesn't works on W7).

    But I still miss XP xD
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    yeah the mobo came with all the blocks to add water cooling etc.

    its a foxconn bloodrage and some what of a beast.
  8. Re: HELP!!! Fanless Heatsinks

    Plug in a fan and stick something in it.

    If it still isn't happy, cut your losses and leave a fan lying loose somewhere.
  9. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: HELP!!! Fanless Heatsinks

    I think this bios is the same as most advanced mobo bios's.
    Find something like: hardware monitoring. And then: CPU fan --> set to disabled.
    (It might be named differently, but 99,99999% chance it can be disabled, the CPU fan warning, stuff)
  10. Re: HELP!!! Fanless Heatsinks

    Oh yeah, in my BIOS you can set the fan speed to disabled from the hardware monitor screen.
  11. Re: HELP!!! Fanless Heatsinks

    cheers folks ill check it out tonight

    max ive seen the cpu at so far is 42 and that was just after running 3dmark on the system

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