Help me if you can :)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Wai, 5 Jun 2008.

  1. Wai

    Help me if you can :)

    hey dudes, if you guyz could head over to and click on the [Celeb Poker] image/icon in the top right corner, download the programe and register, i will give you much love in the servers xD

    the more referrels we get from the tlr site, and more registrations we get from tlr>celeb poker, the more support we get from them, for lans etc etc

    so if you could, wont take you 5mins, and it would mean loads to us :)

    thanks guyz :D
  2. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: Help me if you can :)

    don't do it
    it sounds like a scam
  3. Re: Help me if you can :)

    I dont support poker sites.. to many popups from them :>
  4. Re: Help me if you can :)

    Nah.. Too many weird poker sites out there.. I only trust those who come up at commercials on TV :P
  5. Re: Help me if you can :)

    block the sites then, preventing pop ups

    yeah, don't trust all the pokers site..
    my friend just got ripped of on ebay today, £300 gone! :o fighting to get it back now! shame
  6. Re: Help me if you can :)

    you don't have to play just download it and delete it like I did,

    that way they will get credit for the referral :-)
  7. Wai

    Re: Help me if you can :)

    ty :P

    its not a scam, its not a 1million popup programe :P
    was jus asking as im familiar with a few of you guyz from your public servers i play on quite abit, and was hoping you could help us out with support :P, and seeing as celebpoker rakes in 4x what pokerstars + pkr does a year, just because they dont do commericals doesnt means its a gayware site xD

    anyway me n core are good mates, and he has done it for me, so ask him if hes had any problems xD

    thanks to those who have done it, and cheers to those who do in the near future.

    much love,
    your friend Soldier,

    TheLastResort - Wai
  8. Re: Help me if you can :)

    CelebPoker - poker == Standard Google etc. ads

    Basically what I mean is that there is no danger in using it, but in doing so you agree that whoever the affiliate is (in this case it is TLR) will get money (not necessarily what you win while playing the poker).

    Personally I look at all referrals as ads. If, and only if, I'm interested what the ad is advertising I will click it. Who the money for the click goes to is of no importance. Sorry Wai, but in this case I am not going to download CelebPoker because I hate poker :P

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