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  1. Heroes Thread!

    After watching the promo trailer 2 weeks ago for the episode "Cold Snap", that describes it as "Classic" and then watching the episode late Monday night, I was annoyed to find the latest episode predictable and boring, I mean it was fucking obvious that Rebel was Micah.
    This episode IMO was shit, like the whole of last season, for instance how the hell did the dude who can shape shift become Sylar?
    It was mentioned that he needs physical contact with the person who's form he wants to take, so when the hell did he touch Sylar?

    This show is starting to get like Lost, in which I mean that, it had an awesome Season 1, but after its starting to get predictable, boring and idiotic.

    Don't get me wrong I love Heroes, and will continue watching it but it has to start getting back to it's roots!
  2. Vendetta GM's better half

    Re: Heroes Thread!

    I absolutely love heroes however fully agree with everything danny just said it has been lame for a while.

    saying that any episode with sylar in is always fun just because sylars characters is so awesome.

    the reason most people like heroes is Hiro, Peter and claire. but the show also gets frustrating for me as it suffered at the end of season 1 and 2 by making the main characters to powerful to quickly.

    now Peter basically has no powerrs
    Hiro has limited powers
    Claire still cant die

    they've also basically removed anyone who can time travel

    Hiro lost his powers, peter lost his powers (wont mention next one incase people watch them on bbc)

    but I will say one thing, this season

    Lost > Heroes
  3. Re: Heroes Thread!

    +1,Lost=too good atm.
    could never get into Heroes though :roll:
  4. Re: Heroes Thread!

    I LOVED Lost, LOVED being the word here, the first season of Lost was unbelievable, it was awesome but for me the series in general has gone on for too long, they give you more questions than answers and are just basically making shit up now for more money!

    Lost has lost its way, no pun intended, I mean Time Travelling, Black Smoke that can be controlled, an invisible Island FFS come on!

    Getting back to Heroes, yeah Vendetta is spot on, people were getting to powerful to quickly!

    I Like Heroes mainly because of Sylar, I fucking HATE Hiro, when he comes onto the screen I want to skip to the next scene, as I just find him irritating, and when it comes to Time travelling your guaranteed to starting fucking up, which they have, hence the reason they have removed anyone with this ability.
    I love the fact that John Glover is Sylar's father (Joh Glover being Lex Luthor's father in Smallville & apparently Skeletor in the upcoming He-Man flick) and that is going to get interesting in the next few weeks or they may even drag this on and wait till next season, now that he know's there is an ability that can cure his cancer and make him immortal.

    For me one of the biggest mistakes was getting rid of Adam/Kensei I thought he was awesome, and they could have done so much more with his character.
  5. Vendetta GM's better half

    Re: Heroes Thread!

    well for me lost has stopped becoming a show about questions and answers and just a drama.

    as I said this season of lost = awesome

    however previous seasons of lost have been darn right pathetic after season 2 I did stop watching it but out of boredom one weekend I caught up and this season is quite possibly the best I've seen.

    heroes has lost the whole Peter Sylar thing which was one of my favourite moments, everytime they had a stand off, something else got in the way

    now its as simple as Sylar rules all

    ...although how did micah get claires number, she s little old for him!
  6. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: Heroes Thread!

    You just spoilt it.

    This series was a disappointment; the real storyline has been exausted. They should stop beating said horse and leave it be.
  7. Re: Heroes Thread!

    i get what your saying but i still love it can't wait for tomorrow.I mean it's kinda of ridiculous but it has been since the first series.I think it's better now that they got rid of the annoying characters plus i just can't get enough of Ben.
  8. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: Heroes Thread!

    I hope that they will write a proper ending for Heroes this season and then close this series down.
    I mean, it's been pretty good so far (except season 2... too short and a very bad written ending), but with this set of "heroes", you can't go on for ever. It's starting to get dull and predictable.

    Not sure if everyone knows this, but from what I heard/read was, that the original idea of Heroes was that each season was with a new set of Heroes. But when season 1 was airing, a lot of fans liked the characters too much so they kept this set of heroes.

    Maybe for season 4 they should bring on new heroes?

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