Hi all, dustbowl question's

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  1. Hi all, dustbowl question's

    Aloha one and all you crazy frag hungry gaming masters and associated associates! Thought I should really say hi since I tend to spend far too much of my time on your rather excellent dustbowl server.

    Now I aint the smartest, I am Scottish so go easy, but it seems to me that there is an amazing amount of level one play on your aforementioned server. Is it possible to occassionaly force the server to play stage 2 and 3 even when a team loses, or shuffle the teams and start on stage 3 or anything? it can be quite wearisome to play stage one red, blu, red, blu, red, blu, red oh oh oh stage 2 oh no lots of sentry guns and no medics, stage 1 red, blu, red etc.

    Also can I ask how often do the teams get shuffled about? Sometimes when it is quite stalematey (new word?) there can be several similar games of attack and defense since the teams don't change all that much?

    Anyway just thought I would say hi and offer my limited musings on your otherwise excellent dustbowl server, maybe one day I will branch out and play some of the other maps :O

    p.s. name is Guinny as in Guinness shortened like, not gunny like some less intelligent people seem to call me ;)
    pointing no fingers here

  2. Re: Hi all, dustbowl question's

    Hey welcome

    It is not possible to change stage in a map.. .. to shuffle the teams, you would had to change the map, to the same map again.. so everyone ends in spectator.. but that will reset your score.

    But thats just facs... maybe some of us, know some addons we can use for shuffle

    Btw if you like Dustbowl, you will LOOVE goldrush. :=)
  3. Re: Hi all, dustbowl question's

    Hi gunny, ( ;) )
    The wearisomeness you mentioned in your post preceding the answer i'm presenting here,
    is based on a rather complex bunch of feelings one may or may not have when forced to continuesly perform a single, or a set of actions.
    Or rather, in this case, playing the same map of dustbowl forever. However since it is half past two AM local time, i, sadly, am not capable of forcing my brain to perform anything other than actions which can be referred to as 'sleeping'. This post is undoubtedly filled with spelling or otherwise grammatical errors, caused by the severe lack of thorough knowledge of the English language by this humble Belgian person. The point you wanted to make has been made and you have a point, i would hereby like to point out, however, that i am unfit to think of a solution for the time being.
    I thank you for reading this bunch of nonsense and having wasted a minute of your life by doing so.
  4. Re: Hi all, dustbowl question's


    oook. You can not change the map, however, it's a problem of the team... Stage 1 is very easy to win if your team is balanced. All you can do is wait for Valve to change something, but i doubt they will (they did on Goldrush, ye).
  5. Re: Hi all, dustbowl question's

    Lol Ana, thine grasp of the English language is most impressive! ;)
  6. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: Hi all, dustbowl question's

    Weeeeell I know some people reckon it would be easier if the red respawn time was longer, but I dunno. I don't mind doing it over and over again, stage 3 feels special then XD But I know what you mean, it can get tiresome, particularly when your team is just pure, 100% fresh fail.

    Also Dustbowl /=/ Goldrush. Pretty different maps tbh :D Well...I suppose they are similar at certain stages but overall the gameplay is quite different. Meh, I like db, what am I gonna say?
  7. Re: Hi all, dustbowl question's

    My team always seems to be 100% fresh fail, wonder why that is.......

    whats the common link....

    oh God its me isnt it :((
  8. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Hi all, dustbowl question's

    No you're a good demoman, some teams just fail that's how it is. :D
  9. Re: Hi all, dustbowl question's

    It's the respawn times. Imo smaller respawn times only hurt the gameplay and make the defense easier and more boring.
  10. Re: Hi all, dustbowl question's

    I'd also like to see a different style of dustbowl game

    Dustbowl is really grindy unless you have the advantage of a few good players in your team, otherwise simple mistakes can ruin the round easily (goldrush ftw?) :P
  11. Re: Hi all, dustbowl question's

    I think Skinny has a valid point, the defending respawn time is much much quicker on Dustbowl then Goldrush which makes it extremely difficult to get to and win level 3.

    One of the players last night (Toothy) mentioned this in the game and commented that the 8 sec respawn is not the default but the goldrush respawn is. I am not sure whether this is true, could someone please clarify?

    However, I still enjoy playing dustbowl, it's just that if you have two well matched teams you don't tend to get to see the lvl 3 map for a long long time.

    Disco "Currently looking for a potential ubersaw medic partner :)" Indigo
  12. Re: Hi all, dustbowl question's

    Ok there ;)

    1. Both respawns "should" actually be the same... I dont know of any command which would make the one respawn shorter, BUT:
    2. iirc, on stock maps, especially GR and DB, there are different respawn times SET for the both teams.
    3. the "normal" mp_respawnwavetime is 10.
    4. the mp_respawnwavetime on the servers (except match and #1) is 3.
    5. this means all 5 seconds there *can be* people respawing.
    6. as far as I understood, with the r.w.t. set to 10, you should spawn after about 14-17 seconds... dunno why.
    7. I'll set it to 5 for now and you report me if you notice something ;)
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    Err why couldn't it be just let untouched at the default value 10?

    I guess it could mean each ten seconds there being a wave of people
    respawning, if the wave is 4 people and your the fifth to die, you need
    to wait for the next wave. Dunno, just a shot in the dark, if someone knows
    how it really works i don't mind being corrected.

    If that's the case, value of 3 means there's over 3x as many waves of people
    to fight as there are in default server.

    To me it has *felt* like goldrush have had the default value, but dustbowl
    would've had that 3. I don't understand why, but that's how it has felt to me.
  14. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: Hi all, dustbowl question's

    Hmm yeah a lot of people think respawn should be longer on db, particularly for red. It's "meh" myself, but one question; on games like Wolf: Enemy Territory there is a 'reinforcement timer' where the next wave spawns after a set amount of time. So no matter when you die, you will spawn with everyone else. If you die when there are 30 seconds left, you can wait for a medic then join the queue when there's 2 seconds left, or if you die when there are 2 seconds left, you have to be quick about it if you don't want to have to wait for the next wave.

    So is this how it works in tf2, or is it that you respawn after <however long, 10 seconds or w/e> no matter when you die? I would think it is the same as ET, since as far as I can tell there are always people in the spawn room that leave at the same time as you do, but I can't be sure.
  15. Re: Hi all, dustbowl question's

    it works "a bit" the same way i think. When theres time left, it adds it to the 10 seconds... dunno...

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