HlStats:CE Upgraded to 1.5.5

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    HlStats:CE Upgraded to 1.5.5

    HLstatsX Community Edition 1.5.5
    May 4, 2009
    * added: round_win and headshot actions for Insurgency that fire but were missing from default install
    * added: in-game award actions for GE:S, fired but were missing from default install
    * added: new weapons, roles, maps, and award images for GES (Dr.NO and the GE:S team)
    * added: colored ingame messages for FOF
    * added: forum sig images for dystopia, hl2ctf, hl2mp, ns, and sgtls (HO!NO!)
    * added: new tf2 and css weapon images (HO!NO!)
    * added: clicking forum sig text in playerinfo_general.php now highlights the text. Also, text is now read-only (MadMakz)
    * added: new weapon images for bg2 (the bg2 team)
    * added: new UA stylesheet (Unity)
    * added: map images for FOF (Fragenstein)
    * added: bot dectection for /whichbot/ bots
    * added: weapon name tooltip for weapon images
    * added: geoip lookup when importing logs via STDIN or when rcon password is unknown (Woody)
    * added: added support for "own" configfiles in your homedir (BoNzO)
    * added: new special award code allsentrykills to combine kills from all levels of sentry guns in tf2
    * added: daemon now sets the value of the hlx_webpage cvar on the amxx and sm plugins
    * added: added "mapfix" to sm plugin similar to psychostats plugin to print a line to the log stating the current map when the plugin is loaded, usually when server is started. Should result in less events not having a map named.
    * added: default values for PlayerEventsAdminCommand for each supported admin mod
    * added: admin message in ATB to tell admins that a player was moved
    * changed: removed unused code from amxx plugins
    * changed: game reset tool now uses truncate instead of delete when possible when removing data for all games, much faster on large DBs
    * changed: forced gameserver (log) time to be used for tracking of certain events to increase accuracy (octo)
    * changed: removed closing of handle in sm plugin in OnPluginEnd (redundant as all handles are already closed when a plugin is unloaded)
    * changed: moved hint command to be user-specifyable instead of hardcoded in daemon. Added mod defaults with game default overrides.
    * changed: simplified some logic in global banning code
    * bugfix: graph image filename no longer has "unset" in name (octo)
    * bugfix: multiple issues on search page, including game filter not functioning when searching by playername
    * bugfix: sql error on reset page when resetting all data for one or all games
    * bugfix: potential column size error on admin event history
    * bugfix: headshot action was not always firing for some games (if health ended up < 0) (Dr. NO)
    * bugfix: fixed weapon logging for FOF (because of the way the game is coded, it will only log accurately on dm mode, disabled on others)
    * bugfix: color hex code was printing in some ingame messages in GE:S
    * bugfix: roles images were not aligned properly
    * bugfix: cheaters and people with hidden ranking were able to earn awards/ribbons
    * bugfix: cstrike amxx plugin creates many unnessecary log line (one per hit)
    * bugfix: text of connection error in class_db.php references hlstats.php instead of config.php for settings
    * bugfix: playerinfo_general.php does not close socket after fetching steam community info
    * bugfix: query for favorite weapon on playerinfo is not always accurate
    * bugfix: server graph showing 0 for activity and fps on some systems (octo)
    * bugfix: ns individual builtstructure actions were not firing
    * bugfix: bow with regular arrow in FOF sometimes logs as bow, sometimes as arrow
    * bugfix: kills, deaths, headshots, etc. counts were carrying over on game copy tool
    * bugfix: unicode characters do not show properly on ingame messages in insmod, issue 66 (IceMatrix)
    * bugfix: rescue_survivor action in l4d was firing anytime any "survivor-door" was opened, whether or not there was a survivor to be rescued
    * bugfix: Ingame clans page was showing clans marked as hidden (Issue 67)
    * bugfix: Unicode characters in google map (for player, city, and country names) were not displaying properly
    * bugfix: ZPS detection in ingame sm plugin was out of date on description check
    * bugfix: maxplayers no longer gets reset to 0 if rcon access is lost
    * bugfix: plain_uniqueid property on server object in daemon now stores actual game steamid for use in ban and kick statements (instead of incorrectly using trimmed, stored version of steamid)
    * bugfix: ATB was not always showing switch message to switched players. Added fallback for switch message on games that don't support hint style message
    *** build env changes (BoNzO)
    * restructured build environment to collect the scripts at one place.
    * added command sudo before epm command if building for .deb since the filepermissions will be screwed if you don't run epm as root under debian like OS.
    * updated man page to include how to setup userspecific config file with deb and rpm packages

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