HLstatsX CE updated to 1.5.3

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    HLstatsX CE updated to 1.5.3

    HLstatsX Community Edition 1.5.3
    Mar 1, 2009
    * added: Added hlx_sm_bulkpsay command to reduce rcon messages sent during team actions and global announcements
    * added: Added support for colored global announcements (only on games that support coloring on sm & amxx)
    * added: Added optional support for announcing rank, points (or kills if ranked by kills), and country upon player connect
    * added: new tf2 weapon codes
    * added: Added roles support for GE:S
    * added: Added weapon_logging support for GE:S beta 3.1+
    * added: Added headshot tracking and action for ge:s (beta 3.1+) and tfc
    * added: Added DefaultDisplayEvents option to control default option for players' DisplayEvents option
    * added: Added first_blood (player), steal_sandvich plyr or plyrplyr), and stun (plyr or plyrplyr) actions for tf2
    * added: New insurgency forum sig image (R3M)
    * added: New css forum sig image (Unity)
    * added: New "bulkpsay" command in sm and amxx plugins to send psays eight at one time to minimize rcon during team rewards and global messages
    * added: Added basic logout link for logged in admins
    * added: dods daily awards images (GTFO.G, dannyowan)
    * added: dustbowl capture actions for tfc
    * added: dbversion parameter to hlstats_Options for future use
    * changed: edited more db column widths for consistency, added an index on playerId in EventEntries
    * changed: Awards are now sorted by name
    * changed: messages said with say_team are now marked with "(Team)" on chat page
    * changed: Made auto-updating of server name from hostname cvar optional
    * changed: Removed constant "$playerstring is XXXs idle" from daemon console/log
    * changed: Chat triggered that use public commands now use bulkpsay if available
    * changed: Clarified daemon restart notice on HLstatsX:CE settings page
    * changed: Changed dropdowns on award setup pages to use name/description instead of code
    * changed: Games in admin panel are now in alphabetical order
    * bugfix: adjusted alignment on pages missed in 1.5.2's adjustments (HO!NO!)
    * bugfix: Fixed mysql_enable_utf8 not being set on the db connection after a reconnect
    * bugfix: Added better method of protecting against infected TK in l4d
    * bugfix: Fixed https detection bug with IIS
    * bugfix: Fixed duplicate display of some options in HLstatsX:CE Settings page
    * bugfix: Fixed "Admins" not working with full steamid since 1.5.1
    * bugfix: Fixed potential issue with player location lookup
    * bugfix: Fixed dods headshot action occuring for wrong player or not occuring
    * bugfix: Fixed skill being able to go negative, causing errors
    * bugfix: Special awardcode (mostkills, bonuspoints, etc.) can now be set up in the admin panel
    * bugfix: Fixed misspelling of ribbon/award for placed sappers (thx rrtaft for catching this)
    * bugfix: Fixed inaccuracy on some l4d kill messages
    * bugfix: Fixed kills and ppactions not being recognized if victim had a " in name
    * bugfix: Fixed event properties not being read correctly if a property value had a " in the name
    * bugfix: Fixed some killedobject events not firing correctly since 1.5.2

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