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  1. hlstatsx

    I know that the hlstatsx doesn't count points while there are less than 4 people,
    Does it count the time that people are on?

    This would affect the GM-Y rankings

    as when your are playing with less than 4 people your points to time ratio goes down

    Thanks in advance :-)
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    hlstats are *off* i think. So nothing in there or nothing new added.
  3. Re: hlstatsx

    6500 lines of perl is a bit too much to trawl through :P so the only realistic way to find out is to actually test it.
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    it does count when there's 4 people. :roll:

    even when there are two players playing and two are in spectator view.

    it counts. that happen today though
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    jup it does,
    when i tested the final version of your map with you, i left because of that. I'm not sure if this is still the case, but 2 weeks ago it was like this.
    Have a look at the session of 24.05.2008 here:
    on this day i tested your map with you, and you can see that i played about 20 min and didn't get any point for any frag i made.
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  6. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: hlstatsx

    Does anyone know any way around this? Like, is there a way to extract ONLY the hours that a player is in a situation where he/she can earn points? Is there any way to find out how much time a person is spectating or on a server with fewer than 4 people, and subtract that time from their total "connected" time?
    There must be some way. The data is there, it just needs to be retrieved.

    I Am Nomad
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  7. Re: hlstatsx

    I'll see what I can do... *begins rewriting huge chunks of hlstats :(* (lol jk, it's not that bad...)
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