HLX:CE updated to 1.5.6

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    HLX:CE updated to 1.5.6

    HLstatsX Community Edition 1.5.6
    May 27, 2009
    * added: new weapon codes for tf2 (force_a_nature, ambassador, tf_projectile_arrow (huntsman), taunt_spy, and taunt_sniper)
    * added: handling of "Dead Ringer" for tf2. fake kills will show realistic point message to attacker upon fake death, but no points will be adjusted nor kill recorded
    * added: pyro_extinguish and sniper_extinguish actions for tf2 to ingame plugin
    * added: search by IP address can now be used in track modes other than "LAN" (admin only)
    * added: Edit Player Details screen now shows IP addresses used by that player
    * added: Edit Player Details screen now has more editable fields (points, kills, deaths, headshots)
    * added: IP addresses in Admin Event History are now linked to IP address search results page
    * added: script to import bans from a Sourcebans, AMXBANS, or Beetlesmod ban database
    * changed: admin event logging for Sourcemod is now logged as one type per originating plugin, allowing filtering of messages per plugin
    * changed: cheaters.php is now bans.php. name in header in now "Bans" and page name displays as "Cheaters and Banned Players"
    * changed: Admin Event History page now shows nothing instead of ' password ""' when password is not recorded (as in Source games)
    * changed: many post hooks in ingame plugin have been changed to post hooks (as pre hooks were unnecessary)
    * bugfix: kill streak actions were not being logged for players whom had kills after their last death but before disconnecting
    * bugfix: some bugs in connect message were sometimes causing an incorrect and unrelated message to be displayed
    * bugfix: Admin Event History page require register_globals to be on for filter to function properly
    * bugfix: headshot actions in weapon_logging plugin were not logging properly
    * bugfix: minactivity was getting set to incorrect value after reloading daemon settings
    * bugfix: tf2 arena first_blood action broke with spy/sniper update
    * bugfix: shots were being recorded twice for most weapons for css and l4d in weapon_logging plugin

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