HLX:CE Updated to 1.6.0

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    HLX:CE Updated to 1.6.0

    HLstatsX Community Edition 1.6.0
    August 12, 2009 + added support for NeoTokyo, including headshot support and images (R3M, gH0sTy, ViolentCrimes)
    + added first version of new proxy daemon to distribute load between multiple daemon instances (BoNzO)
    + added key for proxy and daemon. When used, allows daemon to accept control commands from ip addresses other than (BoNzO)
    + added hlxce_version (not to be confused with hlxce_plugin_version) cvar to ingame plugins (psychonic)
    + added server query methods to get server map when rcon is unavailable and to identify new servers when allowing all servers to track (BoNzO)
    + added new logic to determine whether or not a player should could toward the minimum amount of players set (to leave out bots if IgnoreBots is set or leave out team "" and spectators) without affecting visible player count (psychonic)
    + added option to specify config file for daemon on command line (BoNzO)
    + added ability to change player hint command via server configuration page in admin area (psychonic)
    + added heartbeat daemon control command to check status (BoNzO)
    + admin event logging now also tracks amxx admin actions that are in game log (psychonic)
    + added run_ script for importbans utility (Packhead)
    + added GlobalBan support to importbans utility (R3M)
    + added heatmap generation support and many heatmap background images (msleeper, BoNzO, `Zuko)
    + added more hl2dm and l4d award images (MrXorMrY)
    + added new CSS connection time award & ribbon images (HSFighter)
    + killlocation world actions from SuperLogs plugins are now supported to catch kill/death coordinates for use with next logged kill (psychonic)
    + full headshot tracking for more mods (INS, NTS, GES) is now available in combination with new SuperLogs plugins (psychonic)
    + colored ingame messages are now supported in Age of Chivalry (psychonic)
    + hlxce_version and hlxce_webpage are now automatically set on the game server by the daemon if rcon is available (psychonic)
    + hlstats.pl and hlstats-awards.pl now support a --configfile directive (BoNzO)
    + TF2's logged player_extinguished event is now supported as four different player actions, one per class (psychonic)
    + ventrilo servers are now supported in the voice server list and viewer (compuwis, psychonic)
    + added many new ribbons for cs1.6 (Unity)
    + added beta autocomplete on search box on Players page (KingJ, BoNzO)
    + added new historical cache feature to add ability cache every page on first load to ease load on static stats archives (octodhd)
    + added l4d map thumbnails (Honk)
    + added many missing TF2 weapon, award, and ribbon images (Semikolon)
    + added two new web styles, "classic" and "nom nom nom" (psychonic)
    + added options version stub VSP plugins for people who wish to report their HLX:CE installs but aren't running the sourcemod or amxx (psychonic)
    ! fixed many perl warnings in daemon (psychonic)
    ! fixed and optimized more regular expressions in daemon (psychonic)
    ! fixed issue with banned players not being hidden from ranking even with global banning enabled (psychonic)
    ! fixed bug where rcon connection would be lost on map change on some configurations (raydan aka Ben6006)
    ! fixed some rank lookups in daemon returning incorrect rank when ranking by kills (psychonic)
    ! fixed connect announce messages saying player had 0 kills when ranking by kills (octodhd)
    ! fixed some cases where ingame messages would have incorrect or inconsistent coloring (psychonic)
    ! fixed nonexistant pages not returning 404 header (KingJ)
    ! added missing ribbon entries for Galil in CSS (BoNzO)
    ! fixed bans not being able to be sorted by date (R3M)
    ! fixed daemon crash when set to track any servers and a logged server has a single quote in its hostname (psychonic)
    ! fixed a ping of 0 sometimes getting recorded for players (psychonic)
    ! fixed compiler warning in HLX:CE Ingame Plugin on Sourcemod 1.3+ (psychonic)
    ! replaced remaining, deprecated ereg_ functions from pages that still had them (psychonic)
    ! servers are now properly added to db with default config for server's game when "Allow only servers set up in admin panel to be tracked" set to "no" (BoNzO)
    - removed legacy support for specifying game servers in hlstats.conf (psychonic)
    - removed the need for redundant AddressPort option in server configuration (psychonic)
    - removed "Type help..." server advertisement as it is better left up to other server plugins for ease of enabling or disabling the message or changing the text/frequency of it (psychonic)
    - removed mp_logdetail 3 requirement for tracking headshots in DOD:S (SuperLogs:DODS or equivalent plugin is now needed to track DODS headshots) (psychonic)
    - removed all auxilary logging from HLstatsX:CE Ingame Plugin in favor of using new specialized SuperLogs plugin set (psychonic)
    ? png's are now supported for game icon images (psychonic)
    ? gif's and jpg's are now supported for award images (psychonic)
    ? normalized the names of like column headings on web interface (psychonic)
    ? web portion, aside from the admin area, is now XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant. stylesheets have also been reworked. table layout has been converted to divs (psychonic, octodhd)
    ? many optimizations added to the daemon, large and small (octo-dhd, psychonic)
    ? many small optimizations added to sourcemod ingame plugin (psychonic)
    ? some small db changes were made to speed up loading of some pages and some daemon interactions (psychonic)
    ? hlx_webpage cvar in ingame plugins renamed to hlxce_webpage (psychonic)
    ? weapon and action info (codes/point values/modifiers) is now cached in the daemon (psychonic)
    ? activity is now calculated with hlstats-awards.pl instead of on-the-fly with every rank query (loses up to 3.5% accuracy for active players based on minactivity of last 28 days, but much faster) (psychonic)
    ? more coordinates are now stored, including victim coords on death, player and victim coords on plyrplyr actions, and victim position on teamkills (psychonic)
    ? log filename format is now ymd instead of dmy (Packhead)
    ? optimized filesize of many more of the included images (many already done in 1.5.x) (psychonic)
    ? edit Player/Clan Details links are now only visible when logged in as an admin (U#0)
    ? custom banner now supports external URLs (MadMakz)
    ? severely sped up Maps page by adding caching of counts of kills and headshots per map (psychonic)
    ? renamed remaining places that said "cheaters" to "bans" or "banned users and cheaters", including ingame command to display them (psychonic)
    ? hlx_sm_psay no longer colors ingame messages on insurgency. change command to hlx_sm_psay2 for this (psychonic)
    ? rcon broadcasts to all (with sourcemod plugin) are now sent to all users at once instead of in groups of eight (psychonic)
    ? nojs check on page load no longer uses redirectly upon js not being available and now does an actual check instead of relying on useragent (KingJ, psychonic)
    ? claninfo -> General now used shared google_maps.php include (psychonic)
    ? ie8 compatibility mode button is now hidden (psychonic)
    ? rank # no longer shows on livestats for players not on a team (psychonic)
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    Re: HLX:CE Updated to 1.6.0

    Yeah man everyone loves cookies
  3. Re: HLX:CE Updated to 1.6.0

    Custom theme down the drain, yay
  4. Cookiecaster |/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\

    Re: HLX:CE Updated to 1.6.0

    fixed ;p
  5. SnuggleMuffin SnuggleMuffin

    Re: HLX:CE Updated to 1.6.0

    <3 cookie
  6. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: HLX:CE Updated to 1.6.0

    Oh damn what a typo! *facepalm*
  7. Orion Dismantler of the sun

    Re: HLX:CE Updated to 1.6.0

    Speaking of which our HLXstats award page and all that is still borked.
  8. Re: HLX:CE Updated to 1.6.0

    Just finished porting our old HLX:CE theme to 1.6 :D

    Also awards should be fixed now :)

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