How to connect to IRC

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  1. How to connect to IRC

    As suggested here I thought I would write a how to on using IRC.

    1) Download and install mIRC from
    2) Run it, and in Options (the window that appears when you load) select Servers under Connect on the left hand side.
    3) Set Network to QuakeNet
    4) Set Server to Quakenet - Random UK Server (or one from your country)
    5) Click Connect to Server
    6) On the next window that appears enter #gamingmasters and click Join
    7) Register your nickname by doing the following

    type /msg Q HELLO <youremail> <youremail>.
    e.g /msg Q HELLO

    8) Q will then send an email containing your new account details, click the link in the email to get your password.

    9) Enter the Auth command given to you in this email.
    /AUTH {Your Username} {Your Password}
    e.g. /AUTH noob noob123

    10) Once Auth'd change your password to something you can actually remember by typing
    /msg NEWPASS oldpassword newpassword newpassword
    e.g /msg NEWPASS noob123 noob noob

    11) Press Alt+O to bring up the options box again, then go to Connect > Options > Perform.

    12) Tick the "Enable Perform on Connect" box

    13) Enter your auth code in the text box labelled Perfrom Commands:
    /msg AUTH {Your Username} {Your Password}
    e.g /msg AUTH noob noob123

    14) Make sure Network is set to All Networks (or if you connect to multiple networks then set it to Quakenet)

    15) Click OK

    17) Get NoNameScript here

    note: dont worry about mirc's registration code nag, nothing is limited after the trial expires.
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    Awesome guide - stickied :D

    Personally I prefer Chatzilla though :P
  3. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: How to connect to IRC

    As do i, also, you didn't say how to connect to the GM IRC :P

    Also, why did Mibbit stop working?
  4. shadiku nyoro~n

    Re: How to connect to IRC

  5. Re: How to connect to IRC

    quakenet does have a web irc client at, so you might want to add a link to that so members can join the channel.
  6. Re: How to connect to IRC

    Done :)

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