I found zps_cabin_b5_r3... xD

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  1. I found zps_cabin_b5_r3... xD

    R versions of cabin made by me, also all credits to original cabin creator becouse he made b1 and so on :)
    My R versions its just remade of cabin_b5, with idea to make no glitches.
    I think you know when you can move coach to door and make it "one way" only... (in b5 people sometimes blocked in bathroom or glitched with useable doors and everyone - angry/mad)
    So i found r3 version... i forget about it, but it have changes with weapons... there more pistols and healthvials.
    Well i now post screenshots and changes list with r2 and with original b5. Again all credits to original cabin creator...[attachment=2:3a5n1y1l]zps_cabin_b5_r30001.jpg[/attachment:3a5n1y1l]r3 vs r2:
    -Spawn location where you choose team replaced, now you can choose team without F1,F2 no more stupid questions and joke situations (n00b: how i play?, player: press F2, n00b: why im zombie, player: hahaha)
    -Garage have metal door which now start closed and can be opened (check screenshot)
    -More items in house, more realistic lol
    -Fixed some texture bugs
    -Made windows in white on 1 floor breakable
    -And so on...[attachment=1:3a5n1y1l]zps_cabin_b5_r30002.jpg[/attachment:3a5n1y1l]r3 vs b5 (original):
    -you can not glitch, you can not glitch, you can not glitch... Becouse doors breakable, useable doors replaced with prop_physbox doors, blue/yellow roof unaccessable and so on. ;)
    -balance: added ladder to white roof, but 1 human can camp in with magnum, remade yellow.[attachment=0:3a5n1y1l]zps_cabin_b5_r30003.jpg[/attachment:3a5n1y1l]2 more screenshots:

    If you want my map:
    Click here.

    That's all if you have ideas just say me and i remade all. :)

    P.s. i hope noone be mad on me :p

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  2. Re: I found zps_cabin_b5_r3... xD

    currently upping to the server ;)

  3. Re: I found zps_cabin_b5_r3... xD

    Well i think you firstly run map yourself alone with sv_testmode to see changes... but... thx anyway
  4. Re: I found zps_cabin_b5_r3... xD

    Map uploaded

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