I need help

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by XOo, 21 Aug 2008.

  1. XOo

    I need help

    How do u take a screen shot, and where do u put it ? :?
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    Options>Keyboard>Take screenshot (for me its F5)

    Where to put it on forum?
    When you chooce advanched reply you can upload attackment, screenshots saved in - steamdir/steamapps/yourlogin/gameyouplay/gamefolder/screenshots (example for tf2: steam/steamapss/login/team fortress 2/tf/screenshots)
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    above is right

    It doesn't have to be F5.

    You can change it in the option menu, mine is END, close to the movement keys :)

    oh and shortcut the screenshot folder to ya desktop!
  4. XOo

    Re: I need help

    y and i mean how put i the screen shot in, i found the screenshot thx for that were do i put in somewere in the conrole panel ?
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    if you want to put a screenshot in your post here in GM forum, you can do this as an attachement - if you roll down your web page as you read this post, you will see a small "Upload attachement" section with Filename section (where you'll find your screenshot on your hdd) and after clicking Add the file the screenshot will be uploaded and added to your post
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    Re: I need help

    Plus the screenshots are in TGA format which isnt exactly default for windows, so you will need a tga to jpeg (or somethign alike) converter. Google it and you should find several choices. Ive also seen a program that enables the thumbnail option with tga files, its handy.
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    Bind F5 jpeg - fixed :)
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    @leaders+deputies: in case you didn't already know, the site admin panel (the one I wrote, not the forum admin panel) is capable of converting TF2's tga files when you upload them to the gallery.
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    i still cant get on it, so... :P

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