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  1. Ideas

    After a long discussion with Protantus, we decided on a few things to help GM:

    • Promote Pissmidget and Disco (it seems he may be willing to return) to Deputy Leader - in the words of Prot, they will be our 'fun' voice.[/*:m:13ithpwk]
    • Disable all plugins designed solely for cheating :P[/*:m:13ithpwk]
    • Rewrite the standard plugins to include a logging system which will be publicly accessible on the site, so anyone will be able to see a full list of admin actions - this should stop the admin abuse.[/*:m:13ithpwk]
    • Incorporate Spyko's (afaik) idea of a warning system for flaming and general bad behavior - depending on the severity of the offence, the warning can count for up to 3 warnings. The scale could be as follows: 3 warnings = discipline, 4 warnings = vote on whether the offender should continue to be a member of GM, 5 warnings = unconditional removal from GM, > 5 warnings = ban from servers and forum.[/*:m:13ithpwk]
    • Change our recruitment rules to the idea I had (which Protantus agrees with), possibly with some amendments:

    What do you guys think?
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  2. Re: Ideas

    well if u are perm banned from PUGS what is really hard to get then u should even be in GM or try in GM imo
  3. Re: Ideas

    I might make playing two PUGs be one of the 4 things instead of either the KD or 100 hours ones. :)

    It depends on the reason tbh
  4. eoN

    Re: Ideas

    Try joining again its a 24 hour ban for missing a PUG even if its computer issues, you where probably temp banned.
  5. eoN

    Re: Ideas

    Also i think youll find this was MY idea... :evil:
  6. Re: Ideas

    Other things to do:
    +Privacy policy
    +Recruitment policy for the ETF2L competitive match teams in GM
    +Warning system
  7. eoN

    Re: Ideas

    I think getting into a team should only be a temporary thing for ETF2L etc. Stops the teams filling up and just letting in friends (not saying this will happen, just saying thats one of the ways this system could be abused)

    And spyko, my idea, MINE! :evil: :lol:
  8. Re: Ideas

    Yeah ETF2L-only members should have to go through the normal recruitment process to actually get into GM, otherwise they will be counted as 'Semi-GM' with access only to the relevant team forum and probably not to Clan Chat.
  9. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Ideas

    ~SIGNED 100% great ideas!
  10. Re: Ideas

    If this means there is still a demo of every recruit we can watch...then yes, but i still dont agree with the 'Must have x hours played as main class' requirement.
  11. Re: Ideas

    As i already replied once:
    Not having played any class above 100h means that you have to prove your skill in a different manner. The less you have played the more you need to show that your skill is fine. Just natural for me. Nothing to complain about.

    concerning team recruitment my ideas are:
    Teamsize: 10 (6vs6), 12 (8vs8) max
    Percentage: Teams must consist mainly of GM-members GM/Size: 5/6, 5/7, 6/8, 7/9, 7/10, 8/11, 9/12
    Recruitment: Teams have their own recruitmentrules. Recruits have access to team section in the forum
    Fullmember: Team-members that passes the recruitmentrules for a team, can/should apply for an access to full-GM-membership, via the normal GM-recruitment process. (PCWs count the same as PUGs)

    this ensures that even with a 8vs8 team you can't bring more than 3 ppl into the clan, and those have to apply like every other person to become normal GM member

    @Initial Post: Piss and Disco will be great Dept.Leaders
  12. Re: Ideas

    I haven't replied to this yet because i'm waiting to chat to Disco first - I agree with the recruitment ideas though. However I share Ana's concern r.e. time played as class, but as Myke said, if there is a demo then we can judge this objectively; as long as not having enough time played is not a bar to applying in the first place.
  13. Re: Ideas

    Darki's idea states that you have to fullfill 2 out of the 4 points means:
    if you have good KPD and good communication skill you don't need the time played criteria.
    On the other side, if you haven't played a lot and your KPD is crap a good comm is not enough, which is just fair imo.

    There is just one problem:
    as medic you have to fullfill either time played or part of a team. Good comm is mendatory for medics ;) So we need a different criteria for medics.

    Another thing: i had much better KPDs on our server when i was a camp/spammer soli, but the better you get the more aggressive you play and aggressive playing doesn't work as soli if you don't have your medic. So this static criteria may fail anyway. So i think a more individual recruitmentprocess would be better. But i can implement that for GM'F ;)
  14. eoN

    Re: Ideas

    KpD will work on ONE condition

    Its not the KpD from the bit on the signature thing, its from the aliases, mine is like 1.4 because ive played on GM servers for so long but on my aliases its around 2.

    Just say play your main class for 2 weeks, make some demos, and NO we do NOT want to see frag movies we want to see a 10 minute exert of your average game play. Get what I mean?
  15. Re: Ideas

    fun members don't need to be good 6vs6 players but they have to be skilled public players. If we let ppl in that play crap on public servers the reputation of GM goes down the drain...
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