Instructions on gathers, scrims and matches

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    Instructions on gathers, scrims and matches

    Here you will get information on your options when you seek to play different kinds of matches. These work perfectly in training your skills with a class and your understanding of match dynamic, skills you will need to be a part of "teamwork" experience. First, basic logistics: you will need a Ventrilo installed and working. You also need to use an IRC client such as Xfire or mIRC. Both of them might seem complicated at first, so ask advice from a friend. Before you read further, start from this topic.

    Gathers aka pickup games
    MPUK provides a very popular channel called #mpuktf2.pickup on Quakenet, where players from league level come to play daily. The system works like this: people looking for a match add themselves to a gather. When a gather is full, the players join a server and play a map. These gathers are very high paced and full of players both new to matches and from the top teams in Europe. When they give you advice, do as they say. Play as well as you can, and don't cause problems such as ragequits or class changes without permission. An excellent way to learn tactics and to play against better players, you will learn a lot. Rules might seem complicated at first, but its an easy system as long as you know basics with irc, vent, and proper etiquette. Ask a fellow GM for instructions before you join a gather for a first time.

    If you feel like playing a match with your mates, you can gather 6 friends to a steam chat. When your team is ready, your team's war arranger will join #tf.wars on quakenet and set a match. On tf.wars you can look for many formats such as 2v2 bball, 4v4 arena or even 9v9 highlander, but the most popular is 6v6 with 2 maps, 1 choice from each team. These matches are easier for a newcomer, because you get to play with your friends who can better guide you than the random competitive players on MPUK. It is easier to play against equally skilled opposition in mixes than on gathers. I recommend you start with these, and once you are familiar with with matchplay, IRC and Vent, you can join gathers during any hours you want. Another upside with mixes is that you don't yet have to understand what to do with IRC as long as you have a war arranger who does.

    Clan Wars and PCWs
    Similar to mixes, but organized between 2 specific clans/communities. These are more of actually battling than just training like the mixes. Usually played in 2 maps on a set date and a predetermined team. If you are interested in playing some, contact a senior member of GM, form a team and set a date with your opponent. We will make an effort to set PCWs in the future with varying skills so that the newer members may also represent us on their part. This topic is for you, recruits.

    Leagues and cups
    The goals of many competitive clans in TF2 community, these events are meant to officially battle against other teams to see who is the king of the hill. Played in many formats, these events are started regularly by a respected group and played by specific rules. If you are interested in attending a public event like this, start playing mixes and gathers as much as you can and let your leaders know you are interested. We have about 40 members and currently some of them are attending the Season 4 in European Team Fortress 2 League as a team called "voi", and a ETF2L Highlander Cup #2 in a team "GM Highlander". Google ESL, Enemy Down, ETF2L, Wire Play etc.

    GL & HF
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