iPhone 3GS coming August.

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  1. iPhone 3GS coming June 19th.

    w00t+ Apple today announced the new iPhone, its called iPhone 3GS and has the following features.

    • Fastest iPhone ever.
    • Improved Graphics engine.
    • 3mpx Camera ~ Pretty lame.
    • Now you can shoot video, edit it and share Videos.
    • Voice Control recognises the names in your Contacts and knows the music on • your iPod.
    • Compass.
    • Internet Tethering Surf the web from practically anywhere. Now you can share the 3G connection on your iPhone with your Mac notebook or PC laptop.
    • Cut, Copy and Paste.
    • Youtube account login.
    • Nike+ ~ Finally.

    and shit loads more...


    Oh and also the current iPhone 3G has had a price reduction to $99 so I'm guessing this will happen hear too.
  2. Re: iPhone 3GS coming August.

    yea. still too expensive for iphone. srsly

    it was lame for apple to bash out to MS about W7, to bad. :bang:

    im fine with my G600 :cool:
  3. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Re: iPhone 3GS coming August.

    Cool! When will the next ipod be out though. :)

    I am still anticipating it!
  4. Re: iPhone 3GS coming August.

    Are you serious, its the baddest phone out there.
  5. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: iPhone 3GS coming August.

    It's kinda big.. all those iphones...
    (But I kinda like the HTC Diamond2)

    But Im not really "fan" of iphone.. need itunes and that stuff.. haha
  6. Re: iPhone 3GS coming August.

    I'm probably going to get an iPod Touch soon because developing apps for those things looks fun :P
  7. Re: iPhone 3GS coming August.

    Really, you like the HTC Diamond2, my girlfriend has that and in the same week, sold it to her m8 and got an iPhone, from what I seen of it, I though it looked shit but I never used it so I cant really comment.
    Yeah they are pretty big and you need iTunes (the shittiest program ever written) but what you can do on an iPhone is worth the latter. I've had tons of phones over the last 10 years and this is the best one I've ever had and is well worth the money.
    I do think that people forget that it has the best iPod inside it too not to mention that movie's and TV shows are actually watchable on it.

    Another point, the amount of apps available is insane and when you install some, your like how the hell did I ever go without it.

    For example:
    The following apps I use everyday and I can't go without them now:

    Twitterrific is awesome and makes reading and send tweets easy.
    Colloquy the IRC app is awesome and thr GUI is excellent.
    Wordpress app is first class and makes posting to your blog, easy and fast.
    Reading and Sending emails is something you can now do on most phone, but on iphone its just so easy, even my mum can do it.
    FFS you can even tune your guitar :D

    Some of the games on the iPhone are awesome too like;

    TheSims on iphone is actually pretty cool and I'm no Sims fan.
    Need for speed.
    Spore origins
    Testris... need I say more.
    and so....

    Im starting to sound like an Apple fanboy but I aint, its just this brick of a phone is fucking wicked.
    I would reccommend it to anyone.

    My m8 has just done the same thing, which for the life of I cant understand, why would you go and spend all that money on an iPod when you can get an iPhone for a little more?
  8. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

    Re: iPhone 3GS coming August.

    iPhones just a idolized, overpriced gadget, you can get a perfectly good PDA phone which does EXACTLY the same stuff and is cheaper.

    Don't get me wrong though, there a nice bit of kit but I just hate how everyone who I know who has one either is a total twat, comes from a minted family and loves the rub it in, is to stupid to understand the power button or are the alright person who does not brag about it, which is the rare case.
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    Because I already have a K800i, and after spending a week modding every last bit of the firmware (custom drivers, longer battery life, K810i features, Walkman music player, .ELF support, real multitasking :cool: etc.), I don't plan on getting a new phone for a long time. :)

    All I want the iPod for is apps, music and possibly anime.
  10. Re: iPhone 3GS coming August.

    I have two PDA's the HP iPaq hx2750 and the Palm Tungsten E2 and these two are pretty decent, but you cant do half the shit the iPhone can.
    I can't see why someone who has an iPhone would want to brag, there are a shit load of people who have them and if they do brag, then there the twats.

    OMFG, are you really comparing a Sony Ericsson K800i to an iPhone WTF, lol.
    I got that phone when it was first released in 2006 and its a pretty decent phone, the camera for a phone is wicked but you could spend 10 years making that phone awesome with custom firmware and so on... but I really don't and can't understand why you would spend £280 on an iPod (the price represents the 32GB, no point getting the others) when for less than £100 more you are getting the best phone on the market.
    I also fail to understand why you would want to multi-task on that phone. :D

    Also from the sounds of it, you like to mess around with your phones, if you get an iphone, you will Jizz in your pants, once jailbreaked, you can do anything to it.
  11. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Re: iPhone 3GS coming August.

    I swear the Iphone is an Ipod touch that you can call with.
  12. Re: iPhone 3GS coming August.

    I've iPod touch. I'm using SE W200i as my phone... Don't need more, really.
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    I'm still considering getting an iPhone - my parents said they might even buy me one if I can make back the money selling apps :P
  14. shadiku nyoro~n

    Re: iPhone 3GS coming August.

  15. Re: iPhone 3GS coming August.

    WOW, can you stump any lower Shadiku?
    The game son the AppStore are well cheap, why Jailbreak the iphone for that ?

    You have no chance, if there are more people like Shadiku!

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