I've had it, do something. I'm not gonna wait much longer.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Vacoy, 22 Feb 2009.

  1. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    I've had it, do something. I'm not gonna wait much longer.

    I've heard this 'changes are coming bullshit' for over 2 months now. Yet nothing has really changed.
    everyone who has 10 kill is now able to get in GM.
    goldrush server is gone, just all of a sudden, thanks for telling us/me.
    the feeling of a nice group is kinda gone now, at least for me it is.
    before something is done everyone has to give their soft and mostly almost useless opinion, so nothing will get done.

    I've just had it, when I got in GM I had to do something for it, and it was fun trying to get in.
    Now it's more like a show to me. A bad one.
    I'm not gonna wait much longer, I've had it. To be honest, I like the ways Core did it, "just do it"
    recruitment voting is so fake, everyone is to nice too just say NO. And tell us some bloody hard facts.

    a mostly pissed and disappointed member.
  2. Re: I've had it, do something. I'm not gonna wait much longer.

    As I talked to you Vacoy, I agree.
  3. Re: I've had it, do something. I'm not gonna wait much longer.

    Vacoy i'm having some trouble here... You complain that the Goldrush server is gone and we didn't tell anyone, then you say you preferred Core's way of 'just doing it' :/ . I feel the quality of people joining has actually risen in the past month or so - what is more notable is that all the new recruits are enjoying playing the rotation servers and are active in both the dustbowl server and in organised 6 v 6 matches - they are great fun to play with on the public servers and are also looking to improve in match play, i'm not sure what you are complaining about. When you say 'i'm not going to wait any longer' what do you mean - what would you like to see? What are you not going to wait any longer for? Don't get me wrong, this is not an attack on your post - I want to understand what you mean and what you would like to see done about it :)
  4. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: I've had it, do something. I'm not gonna wait much longer.

    Fine, here is the plan:

    This is not a matter of discussion. This is how it is going to be. Satisfied?

    Being the person who wrote the recruitment policy and is in charge of recruitment, I should take this personally. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are simply ignorant.
  5. Th-

    Re: I've had it, do something. I'm not gonna wait much longer.

    I kinda agree with OP... changes are slow. You (we) want decisions done fast but we also want to give our own opinion to everything before they are done. Thinking of the exemplary case of implementing class limits (I take full personal responsibility for all the flames that followed). What would you guys suggest we do about this? I have an idea, see the last chapter.

    I can only agree with the note that recruitment process is easy. It was decided to be so when the leaders agreed on dropping the tad more serious "clan" faction and concentrating on "Private Community" which we are today. The result is that more people can join, and personality is a large element in the recruitment process.

    However personally I am not satisfied with the result of our recruitment policy, since it will inevitably result in lowering our average skill level to the point of barely-above-normal-TF2-community. Currently there is a discussion of how to enhance recruitment process and what kind of a training program we shall have members engaging. As far as I know, you are doing good job Vacoy by attending matches and gathers on your own, and training a class which will improve your weak areas.

    The changes we have done since new year have included changing server layouts to encourage more knowledgeable TF2 experience, and hosting several internal training matches, pcws and mixes which are excellent in terms of improving our average skill. This is not enough for you? That makes 2 of us. Thanks for telling us this. I would be interested in hearing your suggestions, what would you like to see?

    PS: The topic about our revised values and goals will provide us a firm ground on which to build future. You can certainly expect more things to happen once we get to have commonly agreed values, which will make doing anything a lot easier. If its according to our values/goals, it will be done. If it is not, it won't be done. I cannot stress more to post your views in that topic, and that goes for everyone. Fuego, Bankai, Bennett, Dj, Micky, Overdrive, Protantus, FastJohn, iBunny, Savage etc... everyone.
  6. Re: I've had it, do something. I'm not gonna wait much longer.

    The thing the leaders have worked out so far sounds good... but won't the people who are in the clan now, and then get "demoted" to 'Private Community' feel put aside?
    Or is this like members and "senior members"? What defines a senior member? Someone who has been around for x months? Someone who has x experience in matches? Please define this. This sounds highly elitist and highly frustrating for those not in it wondering just why they aren't.
  7. Th-

    Re: I've had it, do something. I'm not gonna wait much longer.

    Actually we ARE a Private Community, not a Clan since... like, new year.

    Ahem... edit the site logo from Davzee, plz
  8. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: I've had it, do something. I'm not gonna wait much longer.

    It was deliberately made easy because we were losing clan members right and left and we had a desparate need to turn that around, which we did.

    I am satisfied with the result because it accomplished its purpose. And I disagree that the average skill of GM players is barely-above-normal.

    I think the discussion is finished. We are re-organizing this week and the recruitment of the newly-formed clan will take place shortly thereafter. No clan members have even commented on the values and goals; I think that they feel that the values are "good to go." Time to move things along.

    Vacoy, we are trying to improve things. But this is a major overhaul and we have to follow a process.

    One thing I think we lose sight of, sometimes, is Core's original concept. He formed the clan because he wanted to play with friends. You know what? I suck at TF2. Do you know why I'm in the clan? Because I played alright and Core liked me.

    If it were up to me, that's all it would take to be in the clan; now, everyone has a different opinion on what it takes to be a clan member. Some people want an emphasis in skill. So we went from just "picking" people to voting for people. That seemed fair, but now, even that doesn't seem to be enough to satisfy people.

    Finally, I think we have found a way to make everyone happy, and here it is: a split into three groups -- something for everyone.
  9. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: I've had it, do something. I'm not gonna wait much longer.

    We are ALL being demoted to Private Community. There is no elite, precious few who will be spared. Everyone will have to work and prove themselves to be in the new clan.
  10. Re: I've had it, do something. I'm not gonna wait much longer.

    I don't view this as a demotion. It's a different group of people who want to focus on the match side of things, populated by gm members only. Both groups will have the same voting rights (gm matters), however access to "clan" forums will be restricted to view only for private community members, as they will be focused on match type issues. Not everyone in gm wants to be a match player, some of you guys are here for the lols and the community spirit, which the private community would work on to improve.
  11. Re: I've had it, do something. I'm not gonna wait much longer.

    do have to agree with Vacoy that the atmosphere has changed slightly since Core demoted, but loving the fact that something is going to happen and the leaders have put alot of thought into it =)

    as for recruitment and picking up on what Nomad mentioned, we got in because it was a close group of friends playing regardless of skill.
    i continued playing the servers to get my name known however long it took, getting to no the members etc etc until i got recognized by GM members and recommended to join(limiting the numbers). the requirements to me, 2 weeks recruitment & top50(something to aim for) - something like that, was just time to get the no everyone better.

    mmm seperate groups?... hope things dont repeat itself but liking the idea
    so wud a leader be assigned to each or work as a collective? confused how it will run
    + tags :P

    EDIT: maybe remove the vote topics b4 members join? just like with kidcasters case, im sure ppl wouldnt like to read any negative comments etc or what ppl think of them
  12. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: I've had it, do something. I'm not gonna wait much longer.

    I competely agree with Overdrive and the others that mentioned what he said. We need an aim to go for when applying. It also took me about what.. 4/5 months of persuading ppl and showing my skill that I gradually gained

    The first time I asked Core I had to do some soli duals with him... He pwned my ass but he said "You have potential mate, keep it up". That made me so proud and eager to push on to full GM member. Now it's just, if you're friendly and show character and stuff, you get voted in...

    Indeed Nomad and others, that shows that we are a community, but it made me loose my feel of victory that I still had when I got in.. Most of us actually had to "fight" their way in by showing that they can play TF 2 above the average players.

    I really hope we can get somewhere between clan and community, and I really like Nomad's idea. BUT than Ana hits the nail on its head, we need a term for when someone is senior and to be trusted

  13. Re: I've had it, do something. I'm not gonna wait much longer.

    Morning guys 8-)

    ok, let's start with the Recruitment System.(my thoughts, I'm not saying it's better, ok)

    I like to say that the recruitment system bought some good friendly members in, as most of the members over the past 4-5 weeks has improved alot since joined.
    But the thing is that it very easy to get in. As according to the currently Recruitment Policy, a player can get into the clan within 2 weeks and 3 days voting process.

    How about a player must be playing on our server for a month(NOT [strike:3z2ezz9i]1 week[/strike:3z2ezz9i]) with a |GM| tag, then a 1 week [GM-R] tag, and a 3/4 day voting process.

    So during the month trail, the member has some time for duels, internal and external matches etc.

    Also during the trail, the player should meet all the requirement such as K/D, 10 hours played. Including posting on the forums.

    *just read the plan that nomad said* it looks like a similar thing??


    @Vacoy about the goldrush server, remember we all had to help fill up the server *back in the days*. That was the only way filling it up, then we got it full. BUT then the server ip’s has changed, which we(all clan members) should have helped to filled up the server. It gets filled up really quickly(most times) 6 players, 3 on each team, player starting to join, then some of us start moving to the next server and fill that up. EDIT: and then we as a whole(clan/ community) voted what the best for the servers then far as i know *server 2* custom maps was voted the best. and balloon race map took over *server 1*. then there were changes which arena basicly took over goldrush server(be rearrange after that)

    About Rotation server maps, is really hard to fill up, it because either the player has never played the map before (especially if voted a custom map) and most players just cancel the custom map downloading process(and find another server etc)

    Arena server, gets filled up with our help, remember back then about 8-10 clan/community members start off. But the one thing most people hate is waiting, sitting out* I don’t mind :). and again downloading custom arena maps, gets cancelled.

    @Leaders, you've all done a good job, and I can imagine how hard and stressfull(if there's any) to control this clan. especially with the community growing and the clan getting bigger now?

    Not to offend you leaders, but Core did a really good job(just going back to where he mention he not a good leadership, which is not true) he was mainly managing it on his own, with help from darkie and the clan members too. of cos he'll might need help like at these times, but I gotta say that Core was really good leader.

    Will get back to this if I got any other thoughts on this.


    I got some bad and good thoughts on this. 50/50

    it good to keep the vote poll thread and when the member joins, can read the comments what we say. especially when talking about game play about the person. so he or she can improve their skill/goals.

    bad thing, is that most of you(we) don't comment on them because you know that person will be getting in and you don't want to have that person to hate you or flame you after you giving bad comments or views about him/her.

    What we write in the private forums stay in the private forums. that why it's called private forums, don't go talking about what others say to the person who was currently in the voting process or any public member.

    About the Private Community? sounds good.

    PS: Also can a leader explain to me now, why is there two ex-members doing in the private forums.
    if they back, they should do some introduction for the new members.
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  14. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: I've had it, do something. I'm not gonna wait much longer.

    Just for teh record: I can't take credit for this alone. All the leaders have been working on this plan since before the new year. 'twas a team effort. ;)
    I'll take credit for writing our new core values though. 8-)
  15. Re: I've had it, do something. I'm not gonna wait much longer.

    Mine was removed, so i could't see what people thought of me?

    Prob for the best 0.o
  16. Re: I've had it, do something. I'm not gonna wait much longer.

    So whats happening to the gm team shrew was going to lead? i liked doing 6v6s
  17. Re: I've had it, do something. I'm not gonna wait much longer.

    Well my personal aim, is to still try and lead a team. as you know i am still trying to get matches when people are willing to play, i love 6v6 as every match only helps you get better. However i am having to play more and more pugs due to the fact, not many are as keen as me to play 6v6. with the exeption of sandy he keeps asking me to find teams, your a star sandy <3 0.o
  18. Re: I've had it, do something. I'm not gonna wait much longer.

    I would play more often if I wasn't doing so many night shifts :cry:
  19. Re: I've had it, do something. I'm not gonna wait much longer.

    mmm, intriguing.

    whatever, i've Never found anyone elitist here. It has been said before that this IS a community with a damn fine group of players, and more importantly PEOPLE!!!!

    I have to agree that players should earn their place in the clan to raise the bar and stand out above the norm.

    Each player has their own skillset and also weaknesses (developmental areas!)

    i'm still a firm believer that REGULAR practice sessions on the WAR server are first and foremost important!

    Only there can hardcore clan players impart VITAL information that will give GM the advantage in clan matches.

    I currently devote the majority of my time at the pc to playing on GM servers and that will not change, regardless of whether or not i make the grade for the final clan.

    Without sounding conceited, I have no problem playing in clan matches and can pretty much integrate with the team and support, however, my job involves working shifts and i may not make some matches should i be part of the final clan (I do work 6 days on!! but get 4 days off at a time)

    Sounds good but people should chill out, i've heard many community members bitch about changes within the community but that is because people fear change.

    I will go with the flow, whether i am a clan member or community member.


    Sorry to bang on about this, but hey, i am approaching 40 this year!!!


    Love, Light & Peace


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