June 5 2008 GM Y vs. GM Z

Discussion in 'Events' started by IAmNomad, 5 Jun 2008.

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    June 5 2008 GM Y vs. GM Z

    Wow, what can I say.

    [GM-Y] needs HELP!!!!!!! ;)

    On badlands, it was 6 - 0,
    On granary, it was 6 - 1 (we surprised them in the first round :o )

    On the plus side, things were improved from an orgainzing point of view. We knew well before hand what maps were going to be played and how many rounds on each map.

    But here's what I'm going to take away from the experience:
    • GM-Z has a great lineup, with great comms
      GM-Y needs to get their act together
      Matches need to be set up well ahead of time
      People should not confirm they will play a match and not show up
      Anyone on GM-Y needs to watch the Y Team posts daily, as I will be updating them daily
      GM-Y needs to learn to use tactics. Whoever the Team Captain is for the match needs to step up to the plate!

    But even though Z-team tore us a structurally superfluous new behind, I had a blast, personally, and hope to some day actually be on the team, instead of just filling in.

    Thanks to everyone who participated, and to GM-Z, my hat is off to you. My asshat.

    :lol: :lol:

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    if everyone read these for his class:
    http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/s ... p?t=639355
    there would be less problems ;)

    also there are a few map-specific tactics, and you just MUSTN'T play 32 players spamfest GR/DB all day long as it's not skill based (even if it's fun ;))

    play pro, play more maps than just these 2, play on other servers too, and so on.
  3. Bun

    Re: June 5 2008 GM Y vs. GM Z

    Was fun to play. =)

    Yeah, need more tactics in Y. I tried to help alittle on badlands though. ^^''
  4. Re: June 5 2008 GM Y vs. GM Z

    Was fun

    Well played.. :)
  5. Re: June 5 2008 GM Y vs. GM Z

    please review your demos and post the interesting frags (>3 players :P) in my thread ;)
  6. Re: June 5 2008 GM Y vs. GM Z

    if someone can enable the free fly mode for the spectator on the match server than it would be possible for non team players (like me) to make demos of such matches. Could be nice to have other views in the fragvid as just the ego perspective of the players.

    @ badlands: i had the feeling that y concentrated to much on the center point the first rounds and forgott to defend the last cp and z got the cps easily with scouts. When Y recognized that they defended the last two cps but forgott to attack Z. didn't follow the rest of the match.

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