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  1. Key bindings scripts

    Im trying to figure out how to do some advanced keybindings in TF2 and i'm writing it down here so others who don't know how to do it might learn from it too. I haven't written most of the scripts below here and havent tested them all yet. I will be adding more scripts soon, if you have any just reply and post them there i will add them to the topic.

    Basics of key binding:
    Open the console by pressig the tilde character '`' on your keyboard.
    You can bind actions to keys you using the bind command. if you want to issue multiple commands on one keypress you have to seperate them with a ';'.

    BIND "key" "action"
    some examples:
    BIND "P" "say hello"
    BIND "p" "say_team hello"
    If you are working with lots of commands it can be useful to create aliasses for some of them so your key bind commands dont get to long. Seperatte multiple commands with ';'. Once you have set this up you can use the bind key to execute an alias on a key press.

    ALIAS "name" "actions"
    ALIAS "battlecry" "voicemenu 2 1"
    Installing scripts
    In your team fortress config directory (steam/steamapps/{name}/team fortress 2/cfg) are several cfg files.
    One general config and several class specific files. Copy and paste all class scripts to the config.cfg file. And class specific scripts into the {classname}.cfg files. The config.cfg is loaded when TF2 connects to a new server and the class files when you select a class from the class selection menus.

    General bindings (All Classes):
    Yell Spy script:
    bind "key" "voicemenu 1 1"
    Suicide script:
    alias "supersuicide" "wait 1; explode"
    bind "key" "supersuicide"
    Crouching jump script:
    alias +crouchjump “+jump; +duck”
    alias -crouchjump “-duck; -jump”
    bind “key” “+crouchjump”
    MegaJump script:
    //Megajump toggle
    alias MegaJumpToggle "MegaJumpOn"
    alias MegaJumpOn "bind j +megajump; alias MegaJumpToggle MegaJumpOff"
    alias MegaJumpOff "bind j +jump; alias MegaJumpToggle MegaJumpOn"
    bind "N" MegaJumpToggle
    alias "+megajump" "+duck; wait; wait; wait; -duck; +jump"
    alias "-megajump" "-jump"
    bind "j" "+megajump"
    Explosive Taunt:
    Alias "splode" "cl_yawspeed 5000; +right; wait 100; cl_yawspeed 210; -right; lastinv; taunt; wait 300; explode"
    bind "h" "splode"
    Pyro Scripts:
    Pyro panic script:
    alias "battlecry" "voicemenu 2 1";
    alias "+panic" "battlecry; cl_yawspeed 3000; +left; +attack";
    alias "-panic" "-attack; -left; cl_yawspeed 210";
    bind "key" "+panic";
    Soldier Scripts:
    Rocket Jump script:
    alias +rocketjump "+jump; +duck; wait; +attack"
    alias -rocketjump "-jump; -attack; wait; wait; wait; -duck"
    bind "key" "+rocketjump"
    Demoman Scripts:
    Rapid Stickies script:
    //Rapid Fire Sticky
    alias "+raps" "alias reps +fshs; +fshs"
    alias "reps" "+fshs"
    alias "+fshs" "+attack; wait 30; -fshs"
    alias "-fshs" "-attack; wait 10; reps"
    alias "-raps" "-attack; alias reps none"
    //Auto Reload
    alias +sata "-reload; wait 5; +raps"
    alias -sata "-raps; wait 15; +reload"
    //Buffer Sticky
    alias bufstk "+attack; wait 5; +reload; wait 5; -attack"
    //Toggle It all.
    alias TogRAPS "RAPSon"
    alias RAPSon "bind MOUSE1 +sata; +reload; alias TogRAPS RAPSoff"
    alias RAPSoff "-reload; bind MOUSE1 +attack; alias TogRAPS RAPSon"
    bind "t" "TogRAPS" //This is the key used to toggle the script.
    bind "f" "bufstk" //This is the key used to BUFFER/STORE a charged sticky.
    Spy Scripts:
    Sap n Stab script:
    alias +destsent "slot2; +attack"
    alias -destsent "-attack; wait; slot3"
    bind "key" "+destsent"
    Medic Scripts:
    Yell Uber script:
    bind "key" "voicemenu 1 6;say_team Get ready for uber in 3..2..1"
    Scout Scripts:
    Double Jump (Unreal Tournament Style):
    This is a very complicated and long script (dodge.cfg), so I uploaded it into a zipfile.

    Fast Fire:
    Alias +quickfire "slot2; wait; +rs"
    alias "+rs" "-reload; wait 5;alias reps +rsse;+rsse"
    alias "+rsse" "+attack;wait 3;-rsse"
    alias "-rsse" "-attack;wait 3;reps"
    alias "reps" "+rsse"
    alias -rs "alias reps none;wait;+reload"
    alias -quickfire "-rs; wait 5; +reload; wait 15; -reload; wait 100; lastinv"
    bind "f" +quickfire
    Final note: using these scripts is considered by many as exploiting, but they are many players who use them and therefor one should be aware of things that can be done with these scripts. Use them if you want on public servers but be very careful when using these in clan matches. Depending on the rules of the match it might lead to a disqualification. Using regular bindings for easier access to the voicemenu and/or text messages should not be a problem.

    Addendum VoiceMenu:
    The following table shows the voicemenu options and there related text:
    alias "v_medic" "voicemenu 0 0"
    alias "v_thanks" "voicemenu 0 1"
    alias "v_gogogo" "voicemenu 0 2"
    alias "v_moveup" "voicemenu 0 3"
    alias "v_goleft" "voicemenu 0 4"
    alias "v_goright" "voicemenu 0 5"
    alias "v_yes" "voicemenu 0 6"
    alias "v_no" "voicemenu 0 7"
    alias "v_incoming" "voicemenu 1 0"
    alias "v_cloakedspy" "voicemenu 1 1"
    alias "v_sentryahead" "voicemenu 1 2"
    alias "v_teleporterhere" "voicemenu 1 3"
    alias "v_dispenserhere" "voicemenu 1 4"
    alias "v_sentryhere" "voicemenu 1 5"
    alias "v_activateuber" "voicemenu 1 6"
    alias "v_uberready" "voicemenu 1 7"
    alias "v_help" "voicemenu 2 0"
    alias "v_battlecry" "voicemenu 2 1"
    alias "v_cheers" "voicemenu 2 2"
    alias "v_jeers" "voicemenu 2 3"
    alias "v_positive" "voicemenu 2 4"
    alias "v_negative" "voicemenu 2 5"
    alias "v_niceshot" "voicemenu 2 6"
    alias "v_goodjob" "voicemenu 2 7"

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    Wow :o Thanks for these :D

    And also thanks for reminding me how to queue multiple commands - alias ftw :lol:

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