KpD and server ranking.

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by BuxomWench, 18 Aug 2008.

  1. KpD and server ranking.

    This might just be female ignorance but here goes anyway.

    Through all the application posts all people talk about are the Kpd and how that justifies whether the person is a good player or not. My Kpd rarely goes above 0.8 so does that mean I'm a bad player?

    I know engis aren't used in match games but on the normal servers they are and I often played the some what dull roll of watching and defending the rear end. Which I've tested and proved that without that back up and use of teles the progress of the whole team is often at stake. Therefore my Kpd are limited. I try and work as part of a team (strangely hence the game name, but I've seen many who don't) usually playing what is missing, usually the role that isn't high on the points milking.

    The same with medics, a highly under-rated class which gets few kills. I'm sure there's medics who are better than I am and probably do get more kills but no-one near what an attacking class can. (probably will be proven wrong on this).

    Also with server rankings, does being high up on the rank show that the player is good? Being a measly 126, significantly lower than most regulars.

    The ultimate question... am I a bad player?
  2. Re: KpD and server ranking.

    a good player helps the team and when it's necessary he dies for the team.

    So you are a good one ;) As long as you dont play league matches, Engie is a damn good class actually, when you dont sit behind your sentry and wrench it, but get out and shoot some buggers :P

    (and in league, Gravel Pit is besides Dustbowl the only real map where the Engie is used. Sad but true, the game there is way faster, and having 1 player not attacking but defending is hard for the other 5).
  3. Re: KpD and server ranking.

    I've always liked being a supporting player personally - whether as a demoman sitckying up a doorway or building dispensers on the front lines, I enjoy that almost as much as I love getting kills.
    Realistically, I'm probably not going to get a good kpd ratio, but I sure like to make myself as much of a nuisance as possible. I'm the annoying sonofagun that people hate - not the best of players, but god damn you just can't get rid of me ;)

    BuxonWench, you've been a good supporting player - medics don't always flip around to heal other players as much as I've seen you do the few times I've played in the same game.
  4. Bun

    Re: KpD and server ranking.

    I don't care about KpD actually. I just care about teamwork and helping my team (not when playing on the servers, there I just want to pwn. :D).
  5. Re: KpD and server ranking.

    as much as I think woman should not play games, Wench aint too bad :p (as if I am good enough to pass comment :D )

    KPD is a good measure for some classes like heavy, sniper soldier. some use for demo scout and feck all for engi medic.

    Demo folk can be great killing machines but mainly we are sen destroying, scouts are medic worriers if played right. engi can get loads of sen kills but the best engis can be the ones who sit and guard their sen gun further back where it might not see much action but is there just in case. medics obv aint about the klliing unless you are formage. but hes a bit mad.
  6. Re: KpD and server ranking.

    :o :o :o
  7. Re: KpD and server ranking.

    seems like you didn't think much imho :shock:

    women should be playing as long as they are having fun
  8. Re: KpD and server ranking.

    Yeah, you are horrible in matches too. What's your point tricky? :lol:
    Just kidding i no u p00n :)
  9. Re: KpD and server ranking.

    When a team is attacking protecting the uber-up areas is important but aside from those players I see plenty of others who hang back just nursing their kpd's. They should be pushing/harassing our defence on the other flank but they hang back.

    I see these types on my medic-hunting suicide missions and that's when I know we will win the round. They might push right at the end.

    You're not like that though, you're a good team player and people notice it. Also you've improved from just a few weeks ago so any judgement on your "skill" will quickly become inaccurate.

    You also don't open the door :D
  10. Re: KpD and server ranking. - Trial by combat!!!

    Rather then just KPD scoring, and be in the top 50 on stats maybe, I would also like to seen any prospective GM Clan member go through a Trial by Combat :) I think these three elements compliment each other well and will make applications much easier to assess for GM leaders.

    Trial by Combat

    I would like to see all new recruits attack on the goldrush map, one on one, mono e mono, against one of the GM leaders or GM deputy leader to get the cart to the end!

    I think this is an excellent way of assessing testing a new recruits game play and pushing them to use a range of classes and think on quick on their feet for a range of tactics to meet the objective. Essential for match plays

    If the potential candidate fails to get the cart to the end, then their application will be rejected, BUT they can reapply in one month time. Hence this will allow them to sharpen their skills, and they wil have to be very confident in their ability or else they will have to wait another month to apply!

    I also think it would also be excellent entertainment to watch on source TV, and would also allow the rest of the GM players to assess them to - I personally would like to pay for a ticket now please :)

    You could advertise a trial by combat match on the forums and you will get alot of interested people watching trust me :)

    If you agree/disagree with this proposal then please post your comments below.

    I think potentially GM application "discussions" could get a bit heated if we don't nip it in the bud.


    We are a clan of good players and we should aim to have good standards. When players go on our servers they expect to see high scores from GM members and most importantly good teamwork.

    I would like to stress however that GM is not just a group of good players, but for the majority of the time(!!) we are a bunch of good online friends who like to play TF2 together, sometimes we get stressed out with each other, and get carried away with the game but at the end of the day we are just human and its a game afterall..

    Disco "Jerry Springer" Indigo
  11. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: KpD and server ranking. - Trial by combat!!!

    How about people who play medic? They would stand no chance in that test. :S
  12. Re: KpD and server ranking. - Trial by combat!!!

    People should be able to play more than one class :?
  13. Re: KpD and server ranking.

    I would volunteer my services as a victim on a daily basis just for the sheer comedy value :D
  14. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: KpD and server ranking. - Trial by combat!!!

    Yeah but they might not be as skilled in that class as others.
  15. Re: KpD and server ranking. - Trial by combat!!!

    Trial by combat is a good idea. Good medics are hardly defenceless lambs they are fast and the nailguns are good weapons in skilled hands. Almost as quick as scout with a more damaging melee.
  16. Re: KpD and server ranking.

    ey dudes! look at my KpD, then you will know what I think about trying to get a good KpD!
  17. Re: KpD and server ranking.

    Hmm disco...I agree that some sort of tryout is a good idea.
    Perhaps make them decide their top three classes first, and then pick out the offensive-match ones (scout/demo/solly).
    Why no love for the heavy/sniper? Because heavy vs heavy or sniper vs sniper is not representative of ones skill level at all.
    And leaders might be better off spectating instead of fighting themselves.
    I would watch, should be really interesting!
    Good idea disco i suggest we try this out :)
  18. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: KpD and server ranking.

    Trial by Fire - The Pyro Challenge; 1v1 XD

    Nah sounds like a good way to test em :D
  19. Re: KpD and server ranking. - Trial by combat!!!

    Yeah but they might not be as skilled in that class as others.[/quote:1u5opvuy]

    Kinda. But as I said, you *need* 2 classes or it becomes boring like hell. That's why I play sniper when possible, and I can hold my ground as Soldier when necessary :P

    1 class for matches, REALLY good
    2 classes for being good at and maybe helping out when needed.
  20. Re: KpD and server ranking.

    Playing public offers many kinds of gameplay styles, it just depends on your taste.

    If you think your team needs an engie, you COULD either be that engie, or ask if any good engies are on that team.

    Sometimes, you'll be thinking to yourself "I helped my team's success in many ways" yet you wasn't even on the MVP's.

    It goes without saying that if you're above average with each class, you'll have a fantastic time on public, or in a match game.

    I think the best way to find someone's true skills or weaknesses is to assess them in-game by spectating them in different situations on various maps.

    KpD can be made from random spamming, in no circumstances should KpD regarded as skill.

    That's just my say. ;)

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