KritzKastCon - December '09

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  1. KritzKastCon - December '09

    Hi - It's a bit of cheek calling it a Convention as it's just going to be us drinking and playing games but the presenters of Kritzkast were all going to be in London at the same time so it seems only right that we should have a meet up.

    Details are to be found on the Clan VenGeaNce website here

    Basic premise is that 12th December 2009 we all meet up at the LAN gaming center in London's West End. We have some fun, play some games, eat some food then hit a pub (or two). Everyone is welcome to come along.

  2. Gaw discord is my friend now

    Ah now, come to dublin, more drink :D
  3. King Awesome Useless Member

    I remember being drunk at the dog racing in dublin. That was fun times. Even though I lost all my money.

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