L2Scam or don't try at all >.>

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    L2Scam or don't try at all >.>

    I've known this guy for a while now so he trys to scam me D: either that or he doesnt know what it is D:

    15:48 - ﮎḤдĐ۞ш: yo did steam community stopped working bcause i cant login im tring to buy a game
    15:48 - ﮎḤдĐ۞ш: http://h1.ripway.com/steamcommunity1994/
    15:48 - ﮎḤдĐ۞ш: look
    15:49 - ﮎḤдĐ۞ш: can u tri i wana see if it my pc problem
    15:49 - [GM] CookieCaster: no
    15:49 - ﮎḤдĐ۞ш: why
    15:49 - [GM] CookieCaster: cuz if its not www.steampowered.com its a hack..
    15:50 - ﮎḤдĐ۞ш: no its steamcommunity
    15:50 - [GM] CookieCaster: ur just gettin scamed again
    15:50 - [GM] CookieCaster: its fake dude
    15:50 - [GM] CookieCaster: it says 1994 at the end too
    15:50 - ﮎḤдĐ۞ш: idk my friend told me that give it to your friends
    15:50 - ﮎḤдĐ۞ш: and wrote
    15:51 - ﮎḤдĐ۞ш: that thing he told me copy and paset to ure friends
    15:51 - [GM] CookieCaster: then when i click join steam for free, tell me why it takes me store.steampowered.com/about and not h1.ripway.com/ somethin
    15:51 - ﮎḤдĐ۞ш: my friend told me to give it to youre friends and wrote the thing and i paset to my friends what is that
    15:52 - [GM] CookieCaster: do that and you wont have any friends
    15:52 - ﮎḤдĐ۞ш: ogh im gona delete him then ok
    15:52 - ﮎḤдĐ۞ш: hes a scammer

    15:52 - ﮎḤдĐ۞ш: hes a scammer
    no shit..
  2. Re: L2Scam or don't try at all >.>

    VALVE should really add some hostname checking Javascript to that login page - that would fool most phishers. Especially if it's in an external resource.

    Alternatively they could check referrers on images to get the addresses of phishing sites and then get them shut down.
  3. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

    Re: L2Scam or don't try at all >.>

    Still wonder why they havn't done that.
  4. Longbow Victorique <3

    Re: L2Scam or don't try at all >.>

    layzee bums :/
  5. Re: L2Scam or don't try at all >.>

    Valve are one of the most laziest dev.

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