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    This is really awesome, some things has been removed form the original, I like that deathtrap by the second cp on stage 2.

    it a M-U-S-T download map too :P i bet will be play this map alot :lol:
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    KOOL I have to play that game.. only one downside for l4d: the download takes 40 minutes!! :?
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    40 minutes :o it took 2 days for me for some reason. <----- connection problems it seems
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    There is another problem with downloading speed... cafe accounts downloads many games atm. (UPD: steam fixed it today, by banning public cafe account xD)
  6. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

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    Well John, 40 minutes for just downloading... Cuz I've been playing on the GM servers again the download pauses... so it's downloading for 3/4 days now.. I lost the count :roll:
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    Wow this must be a big game.. on 100 kb/s I just reached 60%... Hope I still be able to play it within 2 days...
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    that's awesome, love how the zombies use the complete environment despite it not being an L4D map

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