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  1. LOL @ JIMP

    As it has 30M views, I'm sure for some of you this video is very old news but I've only just found it and felt I needed to share!


  2. Ash

    Re: LOL @ JIMP

    Saw it a while ago kid kept spamming it to me xD .. only just noticed the guy mopping the floor is justin timberlake though xD
  3. Re: LOL @ JIMP

    lol mate sent me this song couple months ago xD love it

    its weird when it comes up as the msn status =P
  4. Jolly Long Arm The Moon... It's far away!

    Re: LOL @ JIMP

    i cant believe u made me stop playing Clap Again - Akon to listen to that
    thats a fedral affence
  5. The Xtractor Certified Weeaboo

    Re: LOL @ JIMP

    lolz Jizz im my pants ;) never happend to me ^^ xD

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