Lowered CPU Usage

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Core, 6 May 2008.

  1. Lowered CPU Usage

    I've updated the sv_tags disabler plugin (basically it allows our servers to be listed on the internet tab instead of custom) and the cpu usage has lowered.

    32 slots [GM]GamingMasters.co.uk #1 | 24/7 DUSTBOWL | HLstatsX
    32 slots [GM]GamingMasters.co.uk #2 | 24/7 GOLDRUSH | HLstatsX
    24 slots [GM]GamingMasters.co.uk #3 | 24/7 ALL MAPS | HLstatsX

    This server layout should now be possible (with slight lag but better than before)
  2. Re: Lowered CPU Usage

    Awesome - now we won't need a new dedi for a while :)
  3. Re: Lowered CPU Usage

    Just keep it like this for now I think :)
  4. Re: Lowered CPU Usage

    btw what tickrate is it running? couldn't you run one of them at a lower tick rate?
  5. Re: Lowered CPU Usage

    TF2 is tick 66 minimum

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