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How often would you participate in matches

  1. Once a week

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  2. Twice a week

  3. On a daily basis

  4. All day long (Former WoW Addict)

  1. Match frequency

    Just a poll to see how often people would like to play matches.
  2. Re: Match frequency

    i dont care about *real* matches, i am almost always ready for them. I think once a week is fine, and weekend (friday) sounds ok too.
    thumbs up.
  3. Re: Match frequency

    why friday :> .. To many things to do.. Pick a normal day :P
  4. Re: Match frequency

    Yeah friday is the easiest one for me, but i will try and arrange matches on other days too.
  5. Bun

    Re: Match frequency

    Friday is usually the day I get free and doesn't have a shit do to. xD
  6. Re: Match frequency

    I voted for once a week, but i would appriciate to have 2 dates/week so that everyone can choose the day that suites better to his daily routine.

    I wonna thank Zero.NL a lot, that he sacrifices himself to make this matches possible, but it would be nice to find more members that could host these matches from time to time, so that Zero may just enjoy the matches as well.

    I'm still against friday. Friday is fine for ppl who go to school, but it's pretty bad for the rest. Again people that have to work, and are in a relationship will have trouble arguing why they have to play on friday.

    7pm seems to be ok, cause i saw Nomad last Friday online at about 4pm and he is the only american in the clan.

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