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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Dark, 14 Nov 2008.

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    I've installed a script I wrote recently for the admins to manage their meetings, which we could use to pick the best times for matches. :D

    It is available here:

    Username: gm
    Password: lulzbbq

    It uses some fancy Javascript (the "painting" behaviour is based on the Z-War level editor :P) so it needs some simple settings changes (explained on the site) to work in Opera (which is determined not to let me block right clicks, even for legitimate reasons). However, it works fine in Firefox, IE, Safari and Chrome (I think) :D

    And no fiddling with other people's profiles :P

    Oh and if you happen to be in GMT+12 and you enable DST, strange things will happen... :lol:
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    the unmark function does not work.

    great thing, but mate you need a girlfriend :P :D
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    Unmark works for me on FF3 - what browser are you using? :?
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    FF3 :/
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    it work for me I mean logged in, but how do I view my booked slots I made? (just testing it btw)

    EDIT: found it ;)
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    Strange :?

    Two things to test:

    - Does your context menu ("right click menu") appear when you right click within the timetable when editing or adding a profile?
    - Do any other mouse buttons (middle button etc.) successfully unmark times?
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    uuups. unmarking with right mouse :D

    sry darki :D
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