Move to GO collect your full GM tag and collect 200 pound!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Disco_Indigo, 12 Sep 2008.

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  1. Move to GO collect your full GM tag and collect 200 pound!

    I would like to clear something up.

    I had an interesting conversation with a few of the GM members and I got really confused about how to become a GM member. If you want to be a full GM member, you have to go through the new recruitment process which Weabi/Tricky have devised, and which was voted on as the most acceptable way of recruiting new members. I have now have been told that Teams such as E, Z, F, can recruit members without them having to be existing GM members i.e. anyone, which therefore means they completey bypass the recruitment stage.

    I think this is fundamentally wrong, what was the point of wasting our time on creating, discussing, and voting on a recruitment system when its just going to be ignored! Surely if the player in question is soo good, then he or she will have no problems getting into GM in the first place?

    You see how this can cause problems within the clan, and is soo unfair to players who are trying to get in to GM and HAVE to go though the system. And by wearing a full GM clan team tag then they represent GM players on the server, and their actions and attitude on the server reflect on you too.

    We need to put a stop to this unfair practice and recruit from current GM members, and treat GM members with respect and consideration.


    ps If this practice continues then in therory anyone could start a clan now, and recruit anyone who is not banned of the servers, hmm let me think i'll start and i'll pick Benji in that case and 60 more extra members!!! Actually If there is insistance for this practice to continue then get rid of the general recruitment system and leave it to teams recruit themselves!

    pps Darkimmortal please, please turn default to access to all voice comms for admin servers to 0 (off!)
  2. Re: Move to GO collect your full GM tag and collect 200 pound!

    I'm with you, Disco.
    As the new recruitment process, it is hard to make members get in GM. Members will learn from their mistakes, I mean if you good or not, but practice makes them better. Gotta give them a chance.

    btw I said benji need more trial time, he could be a GM member but he not ready for matches.

    anyway *off to college*

    laters ;)
  3. Re: Move to GO collect your full GM tag and collect 200 pound!

    Im not going to discuss realy .. i allready did when i made GM-Z.
  4. Re: Move to GO collect your full GM tag and collect 200 pound!

    So you disagree with Disco? Why?
  5. Re: Move to GO collect your full GM tag and collect 200 pound!

    We need the main GM rules/ethics + secondary GM team rules more specifically to do with recruitment.

    There is both the fun and the competitive side of GM, we need to cater for both.
  6. Re: Move to GO collect your full GM tag and collect 200 pound!

    uh oh, thought it would come one day... Ok, let's get it on.

    You may have seen this page:

    and been like *wtf, i know overdrive, but who are Gisen and Walking Target?*

    You may also have seen that we are quite successful...

    same goes for the F team,
    eoN and Johnny, so...

    KJ is correct when he says that it was discussed once before, when Z was formed.
    (History lesson: he mustnt get players from other teams then, so he got some others.)

    I also agree that it's not quite fair. What I can say as defense are 2 things (for Z at least...)

    - We had to be fast. While F had enough players, we had still 4/5 up. Thx to Core there.
    - If they would apply here (again, Z sight), then I'd say "ya way", because we know they play well, we have seen them playing pickups and they have comms, so.

    Flame on, just discuss it.
  7. Re: Move to GO collect your full GM tag and collect 200 pound!

    I believe eon is not in GM, though he does play for GM'F occasionally.
    I have no idea who Johnny is.
  8. Re: Move to GO collect your full GM tag and collect 200 pound!

    eoN will be F soon i guess, so... :P

    And Johnny is a medic as i heard.
  9. Re: Move to GO collect your full GM tag and collect 200 pound!

    if sub-groups dont follow the rules set by the main group, their just a stand-alone clan that uses the mains' props. If individuality is what you strive for, why not set up a new clan, buy new servers, ventrilo, etc?. I'm sure you guys want to win, and i admit you're better then most in this clan, but that should not be a reason to break or neglect rulesets and make up your own instead.

    "If idols will not abide by the laws and rules, who will?"

    so yes i agree with core, GM's rules + team's rules (which can vary per team).

    eoN^ is a recruit, which is excellent if hes already set up for entry into F.
  10. Re: Move to GO collect your full GM tag and collect 200 pound!

    i can? :D
  11. Re: Move to GO collect your full GM tag and collect 200 pound!

    Not sure what to think of this...

    * Want good players = win
    * Develop sensible recruitment thingy = win
    * Enter teams into ETF2L = win
    * Well established set of clan rules/bylaws = win
    * Allow teams to recruit whomever they choose using the clan recruitment thingy = win
    * Assume said players will not be knobers or noobs because they are being recruited into a team = win
    * Therefore assume that they will pass easily through any selection process anyway = win
    * Allow all teams to recruit whomever they choose regardless of any recruitment thingy which all other new players must pass through and without regard to the (supposedly important) other members of the clan = Peace for our time people, peace for our time (srsly, google it...)

    This may be one of those 'delicate yet surprisingly obviously solveable problems' which certain ex-leaders seemed to struggle with...
  12. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Move to GO collect your full GM tag and collect 200 pound!

    Its simple, EVERYONE should just be judged the same.
    If this clan lacks to do that, its no use of having the recruiting system at all.
    So everyone has to do the same. Or nobody has to do it.
    If this doesn't happen I'm gonna get REAL pissed.

    And towards squad leaders. Just don't invite people in your squad that aren't in GM, ffs.
    Whats the point of making a (example) [GM'E] squad, when 50% of the people in the squad, dont have the [GM] part...
  13. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Move to GO collect your full GM tag and collect 200 pound!

    its more, hes wearing the tag, he has a avatar for gm-Z
    but he aint in gm, he aint on forum
    never seen him playing.
    Im sure its a good player
  14. Re: Move to GO collect your full GM tag and collect 200 pound!

    That is not my concern - it's fair and sensible to assume people who are being recruited into the teams are very good players and decent people themselves. Why you feel this means they should skip the recruitment process Tricky sorted out I am not sure - if they are good players and nice people then they will be accepted, so put them through it. This will silence the (quite justified) complaints from the rest of the clan, and also give us a chance to meet these shadowy figures...
  15. Re: Move to GO collect your full GM tag and collect 200 pound!

    and again i have to disagree:
    There are some major differences between F and Z treatment:

    Z made Walking Target a full member without asking someone, and Walking Target has never been on our servers:

    F did neither eoN nor Johnny give access to the clan. I added them to the team in order to be able to use them if necessary, and i wanted to try them out before i let them recruit. Additionally: true F has more members then Z. We had 9members but Sandman and LienK haven't played enough serious matches to play on ETF2L and Disco doesn't have much spare time. Furthermore we didn't have a Demo in the team. Therefore we needed eoN, and since Pissmidget was off the last days and we don't have a second Medic we needed Johnny + we need a second medic anyway. If they aren't accepted to the clan i will still use them in the team, and give them access to the Falcons Squad Forum, but i'm not gonna make them members just because i can. Another big difference to Z: i choose eoN and johnny from within the |GM| tag users, so i chose ppl who seam to like to be in [GM]. And i'm still sure that both will get into the clan by running though the normal recruitment procedure, but this takes too much time for me. Johnny will do the recruitment stuff as well at some point. And you will like him ;) he is amazingly nice guy and top 10 player afaik.

    k, All this might sound that i disagree to Disco: I don't. The teams wouldn't exist without the community and the regular [GM] members, so there is no reason to let them feel left out. So i'd say you can be a member of a team, but you can't be a member of the clan without the recruitment system. Notice that eoN and Johnny are both not wearing the GM'F tag!

    So go ahead flame Z, but don't flame F ;) we are not GM'Flameable ;)
  16. Re: Move to GO collect your full GM tag and collect 200 pound!

    well, he's in the DB at least, and ... ayer=79698
    his killing sprees look decent, since he played on the match map serv yesterday and so on.

    Nor did "Z". It was me who added him to the Z forum group. Go ahead and flame me, i dont care atm. The point is, we had to do it, and we did it fast. Also, he needed access to the Z section, which is only doable when adding him to the Z forum group -> means he sees the clan stuff too. So? Anything there which is not "Brawl-safe" ?
    Also, we didnt search for random proness, we let him record a demo of himself in a pug link needed? and played with him ourselves before (yes we did.). He could just been using the |GM| tag once, and no one would complain? >_> ye nice.

    means you still had 6 players, amirite? We didnt have 6 when we got Gisen (wut, yet another name amg :O) in, and because he still aint regged here and isnt on that often we got another one. And Overdrive got in not long ago, so, makes how many?

    (Core is still E, and many thx for him playing. We'd be dropped by now if he didnt do it.)

    and thats nice you know, thats the way to get it... start with 4 and bring it up all the way, not caring about *6* guys who either chose another clan, thought you were a bunch of kiddies or just got a real life.

    yep, and he was on the DB as [GM] Johnny too, so kudos for you :D (true with eon.)

    *puts on flame proof suit and goes off to learn history.*
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  17. Re: Move to GO collect your full GM tag and collect 200 pound!

    @ Waebi: my post wasn't meant to offend the Z team or you as leader of the Z team. But the whole topic is (implicitely) about the way Z brought Walking Target into GM. I'm sure everyone understands why you did it (maybe everyone except Vacoy, who is just angry because he can't give Alex Morrow access). The only thing i wanted to say is that F is not part of the subject since we didn't do what ppl complain about. Unluckily Tricky (as usual: writing before thinking) caused me to defend F.

    I personally fully understand what you did and why you did it. I'm not even against it, i just think that the arrogant/ignorant way Z brought him in caused this problems.

    To defend Z: You can't use everyone in the clan for a serious team (and most good players that also have time and interest for/in competetive gameplay are in a team already), therefore it is necessary to recruit nonGM members to the clan. And honestly i don't think that the regular GM members should be able to refuse a team a new worthfull recruit. But again: if the new recruit is brought into the clan in a friendly manner, and with the explaination that the team needs him, i'm sure the clan wouldn't reject him.

    This is still a clan, not just a community.
  18. Re: Move to GO collect your full GM tag and collect 200 pound!

    thx for that, sums up what i'm thinking also ;)
    ye we were too fast with it. oh btw, anyone cares about GISEN? :D was before him, played one too yesterday (with him and WT, w/o Genesis. against a div3 team, we won on badlands and lost on pro gran btw.
  19. Protantus Original Member

    Re: Move to GO collect your full GM tag and collect 200 pound!

    Ok, while I am not in any teams I have been here for a while and think I should be allowed an opinion.

    I do not think the clan is just teams, but a pool of players who enjoy playing with each other and who we trust to be of a decent standard. Many can't dedicate the time needed to play competively for periods (just ask Acid!). What we can do is fill the gaps, admin the servers, improve our play, mentor if required and have fun.

    On any server I play if I see the GM tag I do my utmost to support that player. I do find it disturbing to see the GM tag on players I do not know though I generally give the benefit of the doubt and assume the clan as a whole has decided that they are happy to have them there.

    I know that some play solely for the competition and are less concerned with the 'fun' aspects but I beleive it would be only good manners to introduce the new players to the team and achieve a minimum threshold of having a seconder and (say) 5 GM members to vouch for the player - and no objectors (moderated by Core et al of course).

    I think this would allow the different interests of the clan to be served.

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