Multicore support

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  1. Multicore support

    Put this into your autoexec.cfg

    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\accountname\team fortress 2\tf\cfg\autoexec.cfg

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    G00d 2 know =),
    i have the Dual Core and i know how to utilize it in TF2 now. The only thing missing, i haven't installed it since TF2 runs on the 3700+ as well ^^
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    only problem is that the game can crash because of it. But runs a lot faster, yes.
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    Hmm... when I applied this I got really weird lag - almost like server lag :? (it definitely wasn't the server causing it) but my fps stayed at solid 72 (synced to refresh rate).
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    Darkimmortal: Oh yes, stuttering, when mat_queue_mode 2 is activated, some parts of maps makes that you "stutter" without any actual fps or ping loss.
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    To run this do you need 64bit windows? (i think I should start wearing this dunce hat permanently lol)
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    captain-pot-noodle: No.

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