my FL studio Workflow

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by The Xtractor, 5 Apr 2009.

  1. The Xtractor Certified Weeaboo

    my FL studio Workflow

    its an old track, "Elektonix - Dark Childeren".
    listen it here : (third one)

    this was my first big project, i organized everytime to the limit, with nice colors too.
    overview pic :

    not all my projects are like this, i do use naming, but i dont color em.
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  2. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: my FL studio Workflow

    Wow that looks complicated :)

    Btw the loading took me way too long, after 3 minutes it was still not ready?
    So you have a YT vid of it? (loads faster for me)
  3. The Xtractor Certified Weeaboo

    Re: my FL studio Workflow

    oh no i dont have, loading took like 5 secs here :), its jpg so i dunno if thats big?
  4. Re: my FL studio Workflow

    that's not complicated at all, in fact your working style is rather n00b-ish
    i used to work like that when i first started 3 years ago

    it's way better keep everything in one pattern as much as possible
    you work with a LOT of separate patterns, if you want just one variation in a certain pattern you have to make a new one instead just editing the one you already use
    then again, your kind of music doenst use much variation, so i guess it works for you
    but yeah, try putting everything as much as possible in one pattern per part of the track, much more convinient

    here's my latest project, POW!


    had to set my resolution as high as possible to fit everything in, and still not everything fit lol
    then i had to make it a LOT smaller to fit it here, so yeah, it's kinda blurry due to all teh resizing
  5. The Xtractor Certified Weeaboo

    Re: my FL studio Workflow

    lol, for lots of variation is much patterns just the best way :), anyway nice, lots of automation you use.
  6. Re: my FL studio Workflow

    ugh i don't think you understand what i mean XD

    i'll talk to you on steam for this XD

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