My New Years Tradition

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by XOo, 31 Dec 2008.

  1. XOo

    My New Years Tradition

    Sorry but I ´m thinking of leaving GM this is all been fun but i wanted to improve my skills and get alot of matches and I thought it was a clan not a community. So when I joined E nothing was happening so piss and myke invited me to join F and I thank them alot for that. I will still keep playing for F but if u need talk pm on friends or something.

    I thank Core for inviting me into GM
    Fastjohn allways been a mate
    And Overdive I LOVE U :D
    All the GM members fun playing with u.
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    Those who have been leaving, all complained about few matches. Being always in community, nothing to do, gets tired after a while.

    I suggest we make changes or I'm afraid more will leave
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    Watch this space Spyko, changes are being made :)
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    Bun and eoN are in 'F, thats why ;]
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    Ok Alpha, thats enough bud lets not start this again :)
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    ah man.

    Well good luck in the future.

    We must play more L4D :P *get them all on expert* FTW

    I'll see you around anyway ;)

    oh and Happy New Year!
  8. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: My New Years Tradition

    bun and eon might not be able to read this topic, but that but that doesn't mean it's ok to talk trash. that goes 4 any1 but 4 a "leader" - and I use that term loosely - it's highly inappropriate.

    regarding changes, I don't want to say much right now bc we are still discussing them and the leadership has yet to vote on the changes. we have 2 wait 4 1 leader 2 return from holiday. so, Xoo, I hope u will reconsider and at least wait until you see what we're planning. :)
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    GM'F and GM can't be the same because F is a match team - not everyone can be in a match team and not everyone wants to be in a match team. Anyway, changes are afoot...
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    lol love you to man. guuuud timez

    good luck and have fun mate, see you around.

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