No updates?

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  1. No updates?

    to all those that wonder why class updates might take so long, this might be the case;

    "Yesterday, Shacknews received notice from Valve vice president Doug Lombardi that no more “major” updates will happen for Team Fortress 2 until Left 4 Dead is completed. According to him, that means a complete lack of new crazy weapons or achievements until next year.

    Here’s what Lombardi said when asked about the next TF2 update:

    Of course, it’s not like next year is a billion months away. The only problem is that there isn’t a single game slated until Left 4 Dead’s release in November. It’s almost as if the entire videogame industry has started shambling aimlessly, only excited at the prospect of Valve’s fresh, hot blood. Only when Left 4 Dead comes out will it snap out of its mindless coma and begin to moan and animate with arms raised high and froth forming on top of exposed jaw muscles.

    [UPDATE: I suppose this is a bit unclear. I gather from the release of Left 4 Dead (mid-November) that Lombardi meant Valve wouldn't be working on an update until the title hits. After the release, I'm sure they'll go back to doing cool stuff in TF2 but not releasing it until next year. I apologize for any inconvenience.]"

    source: ... 8007.phtml

    but you can probably find more sources yourself :lol:
  2. eoN

    Re: No updates?


    Far Cry 2? Fall Out 3 (or is it 2 i dunno but its coming out soon) etc etc

    But who cares about FO3

    FAR CRY 2!!! :O:O

    If you havent seen the trailers go google them now it will be WELL worth your time ;)
  3. Re: No updates?


    so scout gets no Flak Cannon, Mini-Rocket launcher & hammer this year?... boo...

    well on the brightside, L4D shud be gd fun =)
  4. Re: No updates?


    we gonna have to wait till next year, probably in March/April 2009 or sometime i think.

    btw it would have made the tf2 fan a bit happy if they told us what the next update is gonna be :|
  5. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: No updates?

    Flak cannon woohoo! Serrated shards of ionised metal searing skin on contact :twisted:

    Give him the impact hammer too :lol:
  6. XOo

    Re: No updates?

    well i dont care that much about the achiements so i can wait :D

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