Parables, storyes... fate, life...

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  1. Parables, storyes... fate, life...

    For example i remember this... I know it in russian, it took about 20 minutes to translate in english, heh:

    Evil, exist or no?
    University. Professor asking students:
    -Everything exist, created by god?
    One student courageously answer:
    -Yes, created by god.
    -God, created evething? - asked professor.
    -Yes, sir. - answered student.
    Professor asked:
    -If god created everything, that mean that god created evil, if evil exist. And according that our acts (what we do) all up to us, then god is evil.
    Student grow quiet by hearing this answer. Professor - satisfied himself. He praised himself to students, and again proved that god doesn't exist.
    Another student raised hand and said.
    -Can i ask question to you, professor?
    -Sure, - answered professor.
    Student raised and asked:
    -Professor, does cold exist?
    -What a question? Sure it exist. Wasn't it cold to you once?
    Students laughed about young student question. Young student answered:
    -Actually, sir, cold doesn't exist. According to physics laws, what we think is cold, it's just lack of heat, we can study item or human - can it/he give energy or not. Total zero (-460 Farenheit degree) is total lack of heat. All matter become inert and doesn't react with this temperature. Cold doesn't exist. We created this word for description of what we feel without heat.
    Student continued:
    -Professor, darkness exist?
    -Sure, exist.
    -You're again wrong, sir. Darkness doesn't exist too. Dark is just lack of light. We can study light, but not darkness. We can use Newton prism to display white color to varius colors and study different wave length each color. You can't do same with darkness. Simple light beam can come to world of darkness and shine everything. How can you know, how dark it that space. You can count how much light represent. Right? Darkness it's just description, what human use, to show, what happen without light.
    In the end, young student asked professor:
    -Sir, evil exist?
    On this time, professor uncertainly answered:
    -Ofcorse, as i said. We see it every day. Cruelty between people, many crime and violence all over the world. This examples aren't anything else, like displaying evil.
    About that student answered:
    -Evil doesn't exist, sir, or, atleast, it doesn't exist for itself. Evil it's just absence of God. It's almost similar to cold and darkness - word, created by human to show absence of God. God didn't creat evil. Evil isn't belief or love, which exist like light and heat. Evil is a result absence in human heart God's love. Something like cold, which come, when there no heat, or darkness, which come, when there no light.

    The name of student was - Albert Einstein.

    I can bit edit this message (in future), becouse it can contain my gramar mistakes, i'm really sorry for them, but i hope everything is (or will be) understandable and clear.
    The natural english version: here.
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    lol fail...
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    I seriously doubt Einstein would say anything as retarded as in the final paragraph :lol:
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    One master and his pupils,
    And one rumour existed: "The master know everything",
    One day, one pupil wanted to check it,
    He woke up early morning,
    Went to field,
    Catched butterfly,
    He hided butterfly in his hands behind back,
    Then he came to master,
    Master was buzy and wasn't looking at pupil, doing his work,
    Pupil said: "I hold butterfly, but is it dead or alive?"
    Master didn't stop his work, without looking at student, answered: "Everything in your hands"...
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    Lost in translation :?:
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    I could probably come up with a better word for it given some time, but I don't think that "evil" is an absence of God, more an absence of order. In a society without laws, what reason is there not to murder and steal for your own benefit? It's not God that makes people behave; not least because not everybody does, but also
    1. There is no reason to assume God exists, when these things can be explained away with simple logic.
    2. There was not always the order God apparently defends, and still isn't.

    However evil can't be compared to darkness which, while still intangible, is somehow easier to contemplate..
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    Win. :lol:
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    My topic totaly lost sence... v_v''
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    Awesome post Tom, and well said from Einstein

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