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  1. Gaz

  2. Re: Ph_desert

    welcome to the forums gaz. i'll check out this later.

    it would better if u make the sceenshots a bit bigger :P
  3. SnuggleMuffin SnuggleMuffin

    Re: Ph_desert

    Looks like it doesn't have a lot of places to hide D:
  4. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Ph_desert

    nice to see that PH is atracting more and more people :D
    looks like a nice map, needs more props though

    next time use instead of imageshack. KK?
  5. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

    Re: Ph_desert

    Very bland to put it lightly, add a shack and maybe some more crates.
  6. Re: Ph_desert

    needs more space and stuff. also red spawn area needs to be lowered down.
  7. Re: Ph_desert

    There wouldent be a bad idea with some bushes, afew fences and other stuff thats fits in with props.
  8. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Ph_desert

    still small pics.
    it sure has potential tho. (not that I'm a mapper. I'm just a qualified maptester. and I used to make maps for other games :P)
  9. Gaz

    Hey,map updated!
  10. The MC Official GM PropHunt Manager

    Even though this goes against the original feedback, I think there is slightly too much going on now, although I guess it would work well when the server is at full capacity.

    Stacks of CPs was a nice touch, though making them vary more in height would be nice, as it gives a CP prop more of a chance at blending in on top (Not that, given the stacks' uniqueness, they will ever go unchecked).

    It looks good so far, it'd be nice to see a full list of the props you plan to have available to play as.

    Looks like it'll be an alright map to play on. Can't really judge until I've played it. Looks better then Lighthouse/Offblast/Island anyway~
  12. imFree (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Welcome, allways happy to see new maps :D
  13. Gaz

    I updated it again.Now with a code!

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