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  1. Piracy topic

    What's bad in TPB? :P
    I mean, I'm able to buy *some* CDs I want... But I can't buy all of them, since I'm not uber-rich.
  2. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: What's your home page?

    I want a nice car, a super computer, eat delicious food every day, can I get that? Not really. Guess file sharing is a big subject to me since I buy everything or wait til I can afford it.. .very off topic but it disturbed me quite a bit. lol.. sorry.

  3. Re: What's your home page?

    + I'll bet you are pirate as well.
    What's bad in TPB? I mean, come on. I like reading these funny (C) letters.

    Since I don't believe you are "Oh so clear" and you are respecting (C) in 100%... I just want to ask you for not saying "piracy ftl." or using phrases like "And you want to be a developer?".
  4. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

    Re: What's your home page?

    Pirating stuff makes a better demo of said thing though, if you like what you got you should really buy it later to support the producer.
  5. Re: What's your home page?

    Perfect reply Reag. :*
    If I really want something/enjoyed something I'm buying it.
    Wait... What if i'll get amazed by some bullshit on the interwebz, buy some kind of game and then get disappointed that actually it was peace of crap and I've spent my money on something useless and boring?
    Same goes for movies and all things existing on this planet.
    Speaking of dev... I don't really have to make profit of my work like you do.
  6. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: What's your home page?

    I have one (!) illegal program on my computer right now which is Maya 2009, I cannot pay 4000£ for it (and I need it to practise stuff for work..) I went from photoshop to paint shop pro XII since I couldn't afford PS (its as useful as PS but only a 10th of the price.)

    Of course many people do use warez in the buisness but come on, as a "main" site? That's poor and really speaks of a bigger usage than a regular person. I'm just concerned about the copyright in general since anything created should be a property of everyone, which means:

    - You cannot own a brand.
    - You cannot put up any images/music on the web.
    - Any texts you write is owned by anyone and spread.
    - Things can be copied straight off and used wherever.
    ... and the list goes on.

    And disappointed on the product? Come on thats not even a good argument. You can be disappointed with your brand new car that costed 10 000 times as much as a game and that doesn't give you the right to just take it for a "full lifetime" drive through (full game = play through the full "product") without paying, right? Sure you can do the test ride that lasts for 30 mins but then you have to decide if you want to buy it or not (like a PC games demo..)

    I'm glad that you can work 8 hours a day for free just "because you like it". Please do tell me that when you moved out from your parents house as well.... :) (I so hate that argument that anyone doing anything creative should do it on a free basis...)

    I'm sure many people who download things illegal do buy it later so in that way it's good promotion, but far from everyone do pay for a download. Sure, copying doesn't cost a company anything for the material but moral wise in my eyes is...:
    If you haven't paid then you should not use the product.

    There is plenty of freeware out there (open office instead of MS office, GIMP instead of photoshop, Avast instead of F-secure...) these are the people that you pay IF you like them. If I would look at my family they have never paid for a product that they downloaded the "illegal" way, and many of my friends are the same.. Instead of going out drinking which is quite expensive I buy loads of DVDs, currently bought for over 400-500£ in 2 years (and I'm not any rich... it's all about priority, but I guess the "I want everything cause I can" weights more than the moral one since internet is a big candy store for piracy..)

    Edit. For music i pay around 8£ every month for spotify.com (free music streaming without commercials) and when I need artistic inspiration I buy an account on www.3d.sk <- warning, nudity on the site. I could get any of these from the net for free but I feel like I can pay some smaller fees so they can make better products (no cash = no new products..)

    Edit 2. Regarding "respecting" the copyright I try as good as possible, it's impossible to follow it strictly but 99% of the content on TPB is illegal content that has zero respect for the copyright holders of the material. I'm sure you'll see more console exclusive games in the future as well and only multiplayer games with online verification for the PC, singelplayer is pretty doomed on the PC so... just looking on Mirrors Edge that I think had more torrent downloads than boughts on the PC.

  7. Re: What's your home page?

    I warez one-off or overly expensive software mostly, along with the occasional movie, song and single player game which I play for 10 minutes and wouldn't have bought anyway. Other than Mirror's Edge and The Last Remnant which I should really buy :P
  8. Re: What's your home page?

    Please tell me why can't I have TPB as home page?
    That's the only question directed to you.
    Eh, pity that spotify doesn't actually work in Poland. :/
  9. Re: What's your home page?

    Warez is lame!
  10. Re: What's your home page?

    Ahhh Cheese <3 You're so epic! :-D -- I'm totally on your side for the illegal stuff - I have, as it stands, one illegal program on my PC and that's only because I wanted to see what it functioned like (and my friend had it on his USB stick) - Office 2007... I don't like it and I'll be going back to Open Office once I get round to downloading the latest version...

    I use Spotify for 'testing' my music to see if I would like to buy it and buy everything else from work. Our PC section could only be described as pathetic because so many people illegally download their games rather than buy them, which is a shame because I love PC gaming - it's something that can (with the right tools) be modded and re-made to make it perfect: longer, shorter, more epic, more fun - whatever you can think of. I'll check on Thursday how many copies of 'Mirrors Edge' our store got for the PC, and let you know how many we actually sold... I wouldn't be surprised if it was 0 for the latter. The PSP section is now none-existant because everyone just downloads games for it, which is similarly the case on the DS, which, although still healthy, is also crippled to a degree because people buy the R4 card.

    Piracy = crap for all... people work hard to make those things - can you imagine how pissed off you would be if your work started to be torrented? What about if it had more torrented downloads than people who actually purchased the game? I'd be gutted, and if they don't make them and you don't buy them, I won't have a job to last me though uni! xD


    Back on topic xD: http://www.google.co.uk/firefox?client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official

    ^ That's mine :-D!

  11. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: What's your home page?

    Well TPB to me is illegal downloading, even if there are legal torrents there as well they are a minority. :)

  12. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: What's your home page?

    I heard some funny rumor about some sierra game that sold more tip books than the actual game,
    that's quite funny. :) Also, when you're looking, have a look at terminator salvation, I bet many downloaded that as well rather than buying it (a singleplayer game and no MP except some split screen mode..the game wasn't very funny though so I'm sure it has its reasons why it didn't sell that well either..)

    Edit. Lol sorry, turned the thread into a flame war, please do post your websites now instead of this off topic junk i'm doing. ;)

  13. Discussions about piracy

    I'm using TPB to generally publish my free apps...
  14. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: What's your home page?

    You should reconsider where you post then, the last thing you wanna be accossiated with is TPB. :) There are lots of better places for your apps.

  15. Re: What's your home page?

    Notice that TPB is freaking popular cheese.
    That gives me uber-fast publishing.
  16. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: What's your home page?

    Yeah, but you cannot do commercials for your products there so then how will they find it? Use a fake name for the file? :) If you want to get known for your products there are many better ways to deal with it, no publishers are interested in dealing with someone on TPB.

  17. Re: What's your home page?

    Warez-BB > TPB
  18. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: What's your home page?

    warez (not supporting the devs) < Legal (supporting the devs)
  19. Re: What's your home page?

    I know :P

    I buy the apps I use often and PC games that I play for longer than five minutes, not just when I like them (what a shit argument tbh).

    I'll admit do openly warez Wii and PSP games, but the majority of them suck anyway.
  20. Re: What's your home page?

    Imho publishers should stop spending money on anti-piracy. Because it'll give them nothing, cracks will appear no matter what. So SecuROM and other familiar crap is just unnecessary waste of money.

    Same goes for stupid CD keys.
    I've lost my damned user guide for TrackMania United Forever and now I can't play... And on the top of that, it was 80PLN. :/

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