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  1. Bun

    Re: pl_dustbowl_b2

    That, looks, awesome.
    We should totally add it to server #1.
  2. Re: pl_dustbowl_b2

    cool, this got the bomb on it, like goldrush

    but i see there's no bomb at the end, it seems to just win at the end.

    @captain-pot-noodle- i saw your comments, I'm sure it will be ok. Also he might have ask value?

    core, can you upload this for tonight, i wanna try this when i get home
  3. Re: pl_dustbowl_b2

    Fuck this map looks awesome :D - I just uploaded it to the dedi and I'll probably put it on one of the 24/7 dustbowl servers :)
  4. Reverend lame

    Re: pl_dustbowl_b2

    cool its look very good:)
  5. Bun

    Re: pl_dustbowl_b2

    I played this on a server today, it was extremly fun. ^.^
  6. Re: pl_dustbowl_b2

    Wondered when this would happen! Looks awesome :p
  7. Re: pl_dustbowl_b2

    being a dustbowl fan, I love this map. :P

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