Post your pwnage!

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Bun, 17 May 2008.

  1. Bun

    Post your pwnage!

    Post your scoreboard screenshots, and show off!
    [outdated n00b]Here's one I did in the morning, not that good. But I did good as spy. =)[/outdated n00b]

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  2. Re: Post your pwnage!

    90:13, nearly everyone dominating:
    thats what i call pure pwnage!!!
  3. Bun

    Re: Post your pwnage!

    Heh, played spy like 10 minutes.
  4. Re: Post your pwnage!

    Me playing scoutzknivez on css :)
    Dont really have impressive TF2 scores, everythings always <2.5
    Hope you like them :)

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  5. Bun

    Re: Post your pwnage!

    Holy shit, you're an awesome sniper man. =D

    Also, some heavy/pyro thing. =)

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  6. Re: Post your pwnage!

    good one, :)

    I keep forgetting to screenshot the score, had some great scores in the past but I now will, I also change the screenshot button to be END button, a bit close.
  7. Re: Post your pwnage!

    Ooh nice score, I never get stuff like that :)
  8. Re: Post your pwnage!

    Thanks bun got my good score in there as well ;-D
  9. Re: Post your pwnage!

    Thanks to -=captain p0t noodles=- great DM like map, and Alexx for being a very good backup, i present my greatest pwn so far.

    In the end i had: 113:30kpd, but it looks better with the 3 dominations ^^ so i choose this pic

  10. Bun

    Re: Post your pwnage!

    You need to chat more ingame, you're like that silent killing machine everyone is scared of.:D

    Also, one I did, not that good but w/e.

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  11. Re: Post your pwnage!

    lol ^^ sorry, but right... chatting would ruin the killing trance i'm in. I was in teamspeak, but no one else was :\ no one ever was.
    The next time i'll be the babbling killing machine noone is scared of ^^
  12. Re: Post your pwnage!

    Nice one Myke! pity it was me you were dominating :-p
  13. Re: Post your pwnage!

    well, *I* pwned Mex, even if he is better again now :lol:
    the second is from a TF2Pickup match... we pretty much PWNED too hard ;)

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  14. Re: Post your pwnage!

    with 126pts you were the best player in the enemy team, that i dominate you at that particular moment doesn't mean anything ;)
  15. Re: Post your pwnage!

    I did bloody well in medic today, and achieved the 1million healing points! got all now, finally! :)

    This my best in medic! (of cos you are kill more when playing medic), only went as sniper once and got one headshot.

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  16. Bun

    Re: Post your pwnage!

    Woah, that's awesome. How long did you play? :O
  17. Re: Post your pwnage!

    2/3 hours :)

    cos I got home early today!
  18. Re: Post your pwnage!

    Here are some TF2 ones :)

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  19. Bun

    Re: Post your pwnage!

    Sick man. =D

    Here's some I did today, havn't played tf2 (atleast more then 5 minutes <.<) in one week. Scout all the time. =)

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