Praise of GM teams

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Protantus, 31 Oct 2008.

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    Praise of GM teams

    There has been a lot of discussion recently about team vs fun players, and I have come from the fun side un-apologetically. Belatedly I have come to realise through KJ and Th- that I have had a limited exposure. While the fun player front onto the wider community, the more serious players front onto the real TF2 hardcore. From my own experience I know how lonely that can be without stucture and support. I am writing for myself here, but I think that we have not appreciated that enough.

    I believe we can staddle both sides in future, but we need more communication to do so. I had not known how well GM/IM were doing, if so, I would have been cheering them on enthusiatically from the sidelines. Lets support our teams, fun players - this is our obligation. They put in the time and skill and deserve our respect for that. It is also our aspiration, so team players, help and support us.

    My call is, Leaders - support the team, publish results in 'Announcements', and lets give praise where due.

    For the team members, play our public servers, if you see a |GM| in trouble, team them and invite them to PUG. Buddy up.

    Finally, Core and Dark have treaded this tightrope expertly. They have my full backing and I hope that all can endorse that.

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    Re: Praise of GM teams

    We do our best :3
  3. Re: Praise of GM teams

    I love you Protantus,

    no but seriously, i've talked a lot to Core and others and i really hope that GM will be a united strong clan soon, there are just some things to be done before that. But we are heading the right direction.

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