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  1. Private team forums

    Following a suggestion from KennethJ about having a private forum for each match team (X, Y, Z), I have added a new category (Private Team Forums) with the relevant subforums for each team.

    I have applied the following permissions:

    - Full access to all forums for Adminstrators and Global Moderators (pretty much just the leaders and deputies)
    - Full access to the relevant forum for the relevant team (so you have full moderator power, meaning you can post announcements, etc.)
    - No access whatsoever (the category isn't even displayed) for anyone that wasn't mentioned.

    I am still adding everyone to the relevant team groups so please bear with me :)

    EDIT: I have made KennethJ and IAmNomad group leaders of the Z and Y team groups respectively. AFAIK this means they can add/remove members from their groups... :?

    EDIT 2: I've added everyone to the relevant groups. I did it pretty quickly so let me know if I made any mistakes :P
  2. Bun

    Re: Private team forums

    Nice, good for discussions and stuff. XD
    One question though, who is the leaders for all the teams? =P
  3. Re: Private team forums

    X: Me + Core
    Y: IAmNomad (even though he isn't actually on the team :P)
    Z: [strike:30alr3re]KennethJ[/strike:30alr3re] The whole team rofl
  4. Re: Private team forums

    GM-Z.. is about everyone agree.. so that will not be a problem who leads.
  5. Re: Private team forums

    Nice nice nice!!!
  6. Re: Private team forums

    rofl is that a sarcastic comment @ kenneth or are you just happy with the new team forums? :P :lol:
  7. Re: Private team forums

    I have an idea about that forum is it possible for someone to make a list like this
    That list could be updated every week in a sticky post on that [GM-Y] private forum ?

    The top 8 ranking Clan members (in alphabetical order) who will be on the [GM-Y] team, are:
    • Anathema

    The 9th and 10th ranked members wo will be [GM-Y] team reservists are:
    • Acid Absinth

    Wainting for comments :)

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