Problem with TF2 servers?

Discussion in 'Server/Website Chat' started by MonkEsquire, 7 Sep 2008.

  1. Problem with TF2 servers?

    Recently i've been playing on #2 24/7 goldrush and badwater server and there are some problems with it. The sandvich is completely and utterly broken, refuses to work if you try to eat or taunt with it and the KGB taunt is the normal fist taunt. there are also frequent lag skips. What's going on?
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    We aren't entirely sure what causes the new heavy weapons to be broken in various ways, or what is causing the annoying lag spikes.

    Restarting might help, so if someone could restart the server when it empties a bit that'd be great :)
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    but it works on server 1? :?

    not on the others?
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    I don't know, i've not played there.
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    #1 * MAP VOTES * HLSTATSX 32 Players
    #2 * 24/7 GOLDRUSH/BADWATER * HLSTATSX 32 Players
    #3 * 24/7 DUSTBOWL * HLSTATSX 32 Players
    #4 * 24/7 ARENA VOTES * HLSTATSX 24 Players

    Make sure ya add them to your favs then. :P
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    Re: Problem with TF2 servers?

    Okay I already knew that those taunts didn't work so I changed my sandvich back to shotty but anyways, that was not my question.

    Why are the servers down for so long?? Even restarting the servers doesn't take 3 full days... (I think) so can anyone plz tell me what's exactly going on... John told me they should be up and running in a day or so but it's been 3 days now... And I'd like to play in a nice server again XD
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    yea it normally take a day or so when we get problems, but check that link that waebi gave you. and OMG yess it been 3 full days!

    it seems the servers is refusing to boot up? cos dark installed a ZomeAlarm firewall
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    Okay well, Darki is reinstalling the TF2 servers afresh so hopefully the sandvich will be fully operational this time.

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