Problems with Class Limits !

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Acid Absinth, 27 Jun 2008.

  1. Problems with Class Limits !

    Hello boys and girls (finally we can say it) :lol:
    some ppl told me, that they have some problems with the class limit plugin, as they change class unintentional!
    I also saw it yesterday evening and of course this really sucks:
    Someone is Engie and dies, then he respawns as a scout because the class limit for the engi was reached.

    Is there anything we can do against this "bug"?

    Best wishes, Acid.
    See you serversides :D
  2. Re: Problems with Class Limits !

    Is class limits on? I been told they not on?

    I get what you mean Acid, but I don't know which server class limits are on?
  3. Re: Problems with Class Limits !

    i think class limits are on every GM-TF2 server !?
  4. Re: Problems with Class Limits !

    they seem to be bugged atm. as soon as i'm home and have time i'll update them.
    and this bug is known :(

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