Prop hunt server hosting

Discussion in 'PropHunt' started by virreirre, 8 Oct 2009.

  1. Prop hunt server hosting

    Hi i operate 3 team fortress 2 servers in Sweden and would love to dedicate one to prophunt :)
    Been searching on the net to download the plugin but cant find it.
    So my question is where can i get this plugin ?
    Plz help me :)

    Thanks in advice :)
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    Re: Prop hunt server hosting

    It has not been publicly released, as it requires very specific servers to run it.

    Dark should post here shortly with more information.
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    Re: Prop hunt server hosting


    A server that is missing an extension, or uses an incorrect set of maps will not work, or is majorly modified, reflects badly upon the clan that is advertised by the plugin (GamingMasters'), so therefore we control who it is given to.

    The plugin doesn't require any type of "specific" server, but requires many extensions, and is only configured to run a handful of maps, so we like to maintain quality control on the servers that have it, so that they do not try to run incompatible addons/maps/stats systems and the like.
  4. Re: Prop hunt server hosting

    I know what you've said above, but I came here also looking to host this plugin.

    Our server is called The Glory Hole and is run by Team CHEESUS. It is located in Seattle, Washington and is professionally hosted by Nuclear Fallout. We already operate it as a server which runs many SourceMod plugins, including a few that I have written myself. We are best known for our Jukebox music streaming plugin, which is in active development and was recently published as a beta release.

    We would be willing to adhere to your quality requirements regarding which maps your PropHunt plugin run on as well as any other requirements. I'm not a 12 year old kid trying to run the 1337E$T $3RV@R 3V@R and I know what I'm doing. :P We do run many other maps, but I can set it up to run your plugin only on the permitted maps and disable it on all others.

    Our gaming community is perfectly suited to this mod and I'd love to host it.


    Server IP:

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