PropHunt: New Map Ideas

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  1. PropHunt: New Map Ideas

    Before I say anything else, this thread is just in place to either:

    1. -Inspire mappers to make a new map, or
    2. -Inspire someone else to inspire a mapper

    First Idea: Walmart

    It would basically be a large superstore with tons of various props. Due to the fact that most props are construction related, it may need to be a Home Depot or something instead of a Walmart. Certain prop types would be more common in certain aisles, but not restricted to that area. Each aisle would have 2-shelves, a lower one, and a higher one that can be reached by crouch-double-jumping as a scout/prop and/or using other props to jump up (as pyro). Above each aisle would be a space on top with some props, but still accessable to the pyros. There may be an semi-outdoors area with larger props like stacks of wood, connected to the indoor store and with some outdoor access.

    The spawns: RED would spawn somewhere in the back or middle of the store, and BLUE would be either outside in the parking lot or in a security room on the second floor.
    The CP to restore health would probably be best behind a customer service desk area.

    Possible Flaws:

    1. -May seem too similar to Warehouse
    2. -May not have much good hiding space as a prop
    I also have a Military Base idea, but that probably wouldnt work out too well (or the Aircraft Carrier/Titanic ship ideas either)

    Build off of my ideas (add to them or comment on their flaws) or add your own from here
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    Re: PropHunt: New Map Ideas

    Lol that sounds awsome, it would be really cool if prop hunt could get some funny props for that too, like a stack of tin cans :P and like a trampoline xD
  3. Re: PropHunt: New Map Ideas

    I hope no one else is making a jungle-style island map :P
  4. Gaw discord is my friend now

    Re: PropHunt: New Map Ideas

    I was actually seriously consider making a supermarket map, it would be awesome..

    However, the problem is.. There are currently very very very little props that exist that would suit.. The same goes for textures. It is something I would be able to do.. But without the props and textures.. It would take a long time to learn how to model and learn basic texturing..

    It is a good idea, but it's simply quite hard to pull off.

    But.. There may be other maps already made in that theme, that I could adjust for prophunt.. I'll have a look, but I doubt it..

    Would appreciate more ideas, anyone.


    I have had a look around, and there is very little to work with.. There are some things that I can base on.. But nothing solid. 80% of the map would have to be reworked for prophunt. Also, they are maps on the old goldsrc engine and not on source, and those are painful to convert.

    I'll try my best anyways and report back tomorrow, but don't get your hopes up :(
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    Re: PropHunt: New Map Ideas

    Bump for more ideas, and a mod, move this to prophunt section.
  6. Re: PropHunt: New Map Ideas

    I saw this flaw with my original "Walmart" idea, (a store with everything,) which is why i changed it to "Home Depot," basically a store with loads of construction supplies, most of the props ive seen on other maps should fit in with a construction supplies store, idk about the textures (cuz im a noob), something like tile would do for the floor...dunno bout the walls, aisles could be wood textured (or metal in some places)

    Stuff like wood and tires would fit in fine, CP's, Hay, Concrete Blocks, TV's, Frogs, etc MIGHT be able to fit in, cargo crates obviously would not fit :awesome:

    While im at it, i think ill recommend some changes to ph_island, cuz at the moment its kinda bland :eek:
    (Note that i didnt play it very long due to Rock The Vote, and i may list some changes u already were planning or think are just plain dumb)

    1: Instead of a thin, Caribbean-ish jungle, how about a much thicker, Amazon-like forest? (thinner towards the shore though)
    2: Around the shore, have some misc. (smaller?) props washed up from the sea
    3: Small rivers running through the forest? Maybe even a small lake?
    4: A good spot for non-tree props could be a plantation or base of some sort, instead of some weird little island off to the side (that isnt relly that great at)
    5: Random camps set up throughout the map with some smaller props
    6: Under/On ground cave(s)? (With a camp or small "base" in it?)
    7: Treehouses?
    8: Boats in the sea? (maybe small rowboats on the shore too?)
    9: Some higher ground? (cliffs?)

    Sorry about the famine of ideas, I have a few more, but they seem like big fails with our current prop and texture limitations :sigh:
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    Re: PropHunt: New Map Ideas

    LOL epic!
  8. Re: PropHunt: New Map Ideas

    No not epic - it failed :P

    ph_swamp isn't bad though :D
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    Re: PropHunt: New Map Ideas

    like the cod5 zombie map shi no numa ? :P

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