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  1. I know not many people play this right now but for future reference...
    Thread for posting useful tips and dumb things you did in-game so that others can learn.

    Here's a few of mine.

    Dumb shit I did wrong to point and laugh at:
    • Abuse the Trading Post asap, sell everything as a sell order and don't just instant sell for quick cash, you don't really need to be spending cash whilst levelling and any cash you will need is provided from completing hearts. You will literally have x2 the gold when you hit level 80 by doing this.
    • Be smart with salvage. Currently leather is worthless and blowing all your master's salvage kits on leather is negative returns. Calculate the cost per kit, see how much you can make from the salvage and assess if it's worth salvaging or selling on TP or if it's just vendor trash.
    • Transmuting will retain the gears name of the gear you want the look of. If you're a bit OCD having gear named Valkyrie with Berserker's stats will bug you like crazy.
    • Do not sell your Magic Find gear. Once you've got a full set of exotics with what ever stats you wanted you will always still need/want gold, acquiring back the gold to replace said magic find gear using no magic find is a pain in the ass.*
    General tips:
    • *Magic Find is the best stat in the game, always use it above all else when leveling and get a full set of it (including weapons and trinkets) at level 80, use it always unless you're doing elitesolopvper-downwiththesickness-youtubemontage-WvW or some high-end PvE content where you need other stats.
    • Try all classes before you pick, you can play all classes with all traits and abilities unlocked from level 1 by entering the structured PvP environment 'Heart of the Mists'. You can PvE there aswell.
    • Look up a crafting leveling guide ( keep materials you will need, sell everything else. The only thing you'll be crafting is your end game gear and that's only if it's cheaper than buying straight from the TP, there's no point hoarding crafting mat's you'll never use.
    • Don't hoard gold, it doesn't earn any interest! Having 10 gold in your inventory will stay at 10 gold, having 10 gold's worth of buy orders on the TP to resell at a higher price is earning you money whilst you sleep.
    • Be a completionist. Harvesting every node, completing your daily achievements every day, finishing off every map before you leave will earn you tons more gold and tons more XP.
    • Abuse boosts, you get boosters free in the game from completions and chests etc. all the time, use them up asap they do nothing sitting in your bank. Craft in WvW for the bonus. Look for guild banners scattered around which give you boosts.
    • PvP gear and PvE gear do not always share the same name and appearance, for e.g. Duelist gear in the general world looks completely different from the PvP Duelist set.
    • Don't use the mystic forge you're using a static recipe, it's basically gambling and consistent negative returns, even vendoring is a better idea.
    • Buying gems with IRL cash to convert to gold is a severely bad exchange. Look at gems as long term investment, buy them with gold when the price is low and sell gems for gold when the price is high, just like the TP. Generally gem's are very expensive during the one-time meta events.
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    I have the game for 3 months but haven't played much, so this will come handy. :)
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