Psychoanalysis Of Disfunctional Behavior On Servers

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  1. Psychoanalysis Of Disfunctional Behavior On Servers

    Hello all,
    i was bored and so i tried to analyse the behavior on the servers.
    Here are some results:

    Psychoanalysis Of Disfunctional Behavior On Servers:

    Yesterday i recognized, that there were a lot of players on our server, who were different from other players on other days! But why did i recognize it?
    At first, i tried to find out what had changed in the last few days, and so i took a look on our calender. The summerbreak! A break where a lot of people dont know what to do with their free time and finally join a server, they have never seen before.
    They’re might be drunk, so they dont care about anything and dont feel bad if they get kicked!
    What do they have to lose? The answer is simple: Nothing!
    But there are not only people who play because they are bored, it is a way harder to find out.
    And so i tried to separate the different personalities of the (lets call them) abusers.
    Here are different classes that i want to show you:

    At first there’s the prejuvenile type of player (not typical prejuvenile, but a other type of prejuvenile (negative)), who only wants to shock the players. So he uses disgusting sprays to attract attantion. He uses the voice-chat to speak a lot of rubbish, just to bother other players. It’s an outlet for their feeling, because on the server no one knows the real person! In real life you cant act like you do on a server. It’s just provocation.
    And provocations leads to attraction. They can drain their steam if they behave like rebels.

    Then there is a type of player who wants to destroy the server. He wants other players to leave. It’s a feeling of mighty power. Let’s call him the Almighty.
    And by showing his power he will feel mighty, if the gamers are leaving. But, what can we do? We have to reduce the power of these almighty players by showing our power!
    Normally these kind of players behave fine as long as there are GM members. But as soon as they’re gone, they become an almighty player who can do what he wants.

    At least there are different subtypes....but i dont have the time yet.

    To be continued...
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    Re: Psychoanalysis Of Disfunctional Behavior On Servers

    Prepare for an influx of kids on the 24th of july, Which is when public schools break up here. :D

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