Razer Lycosa

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  1. eoN

    Razer Lycosa

    Im contemplating getting a Razer Lycosa. Does anyone have one?

    If so please give me a review,

    Like are the keys comfy?
    I love slim line keys ^^
    Er... what else, build quality? etc you get what i mean :)

    Also does anyone own a Razer Lachesis? Also contemplating getting one of these at some point :)

    At the moment i have a Diamondback 3G so i think the Lachesis would be an improvement but I'm not sure whether its worth $79.99.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    PS if you know of any other good keyboards please tell me but they have to be:
    [*]Slimline (like laptop keys)
    [*]Fast response
    [*]Lighting would be nice but not a must have, but if it is lit it has to be blue... my mouse is blue my computer glows blue so it would look daft if it wasnt
    [*]Last but not least it has to be comfortable.

    No talk of the chunky G15 or any of the crap :p
  2. eoN

    Re: Razer Lycosa

    yeah lots of gamers use low sensitivity but personally im a high sensitivity gamer i like to be able to spin around twice without having to lift the mouse off the mat which is great for mid airs but not as good for ground shots and sniping but once you get used to it it works well :)

    Thanks alot for the review and thank god it has low profile keys theres nothing worse than having to ram down a key

    EDIT: Also i got my mouse AGES ago... I think one or two years? Maybe more maybe less but i had it before TF2 came out.

    But to be honest its still as good as when i got it so I'm not sure if ill replace it just yet :)
  3. Re: Razer Lycosa

    Since I have both the Lachesis and the Lycosa I'd say I'm the best man to help you out :)

    I bought it for the comfy-ness, and only for that, don't expect it to 'improve your gameplay' in any way. It Is extremely comfortable however, so i would certainly buy it again.

    Again, I got it to be comfortable, because the Logitech mice dont fit my hand at all. Again, its very comfy, whether you are left or right handed.
    I personally don't notice any difference whatsoever in the polling rate. 125 or 1000 feels the same, and theres no loss of framerate whatsoever, like some reviews have stated. Note that the lachesis also has the on-the-fly DPI switcher, like the copperhead does. The 9 programmable buttons are really convenient as well imo, as i use all of them :)
    I'm not recommending the mouse because i have never tried a copperhead, it might be just as good (only uglier looking)
    PS: I'm using the lachesis @ 2k DPI /10 driver sens/ 1.56 ingame/ DPI switcher one level from max, on a razer exactmat control side, FYI :)
  4. Re: Razer Lycosa

    When it comes to keyboards, G15 v2 > * ;)
  5. eoN

    Re: Razer Lycosa

    G15 is NOT what im looking for because it looks like a chunky piece of 3 pound s***

    Sorry alittle drunk excuse my french xD

    The Lachiesaiasajfuipagpnafpgj or whatever its caleed looks good but im not sure if id use the full snesitivy so i may stick with my Diamondback 3G until it breaks

    Im gonna buy the Lycosa though xD

    So... byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee off to buyyyyyyyyyyy the lycoas LOLOLOL!

    SOry again if uive made typeos
  6. eoN

    Re: Razer Lycosa

    I have a Diamondback 3G im not paying 30 pounds or whatever for an extra 200 dpi...

    Ill stick with my DB3G for the moment.

    Ive ordered the Lycosa from Amazon, should have it in 1-2 days so ill post a little review if im not to busy playing wiht it ;)
  7. eoN

    Re: Razer Lycosa

    It arrived today!

    And it is sex one shiny plastic :O

    its weird you do actually notice that it types alittle faster and i no longer have the issue of not being able to strafe and walk forward xD

    Great keyboard, only issue is the lighting if you lean back you cant see the letters but to be perfectly honest if you cant touch type you wouldnt really apreciate the keyboard...
  8. Re: Razer Lycosa

    You must have an older version like me, they fixed the lighting now, much stronger.
  9. eoN

    Re: Razer Lycosa

    o.O what do you mean?

    I shouldnt have an older version :S it came with the latest drivers :S

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